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Lost & Found



Unofficial Official Brass Goggles Meet Up
Gadgets and Goggles and Gears! Oh My! Come out and show off your fantastic steampunk…everything! Don’t know what steampunk is? Come learn! Fri 7PM, Hyatt Lobby Bar (The Parasol)

Zombie Prom
Bring your finest and most frightening best for the Apocalypse Rising 2009 Zombie
Prom! Fri 10PM, Capitol Ballroom (S)

“Fun*Con” Party
Hosted by the MMORPG track.
Fri 10PM, A601-A602 (M)

Rock Gods Suite Party (hosted by CON*tourage)
Break out your inner-rocker! Music by DJ Nemesis. Costume contest for best dude/chick rocker. For more information visit www.con-tourage.com or add us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/contourage) for updates on where we are at Dragon*Con to secure an invitation. (Invites required for entry. For additional info. text 205-422-7055) Fri Midnight-3AM, Hyatt (Room TBA on invites)



Farscape 10th Anniversary Party
Hosted by the Southeast Scapers and the Con Suite. Food, fun, free stuff, episode marathon. It’ll be a frelling good time! Sat 9:30PM, Con Suite (Hyatt rooms 223-226)

The Mighty Fine Shindig!
Join us for what will prove to be the Best Damn Social event this side of the ‘Verse! Don your best duds and kick up your boots to dance the night away and show the rest of the world just how mighty we are. Brought to you by the Whedon Universe track and the Southeastern Browncoats. Sat 10PM, Grand Ballroom D-F (S).

Kingdom of Loathing Party
Calling all Disco Bandits and Turtle Tamers, come to the Kingdom of Loathing party! Gain adventures with free themed booze and finger foods. Just don’t end up in a drunken stupor! Hosted by the MMORPG track. Sat 10PM, Athens Room (S).

World of Warcraft Party
Hosted by the MMORPG track.
Sat 10PM, Capitol Ballroom (S)

2009 Battlestar Galactica Party
Start the clock! Dragon*Con’s 2009 Battlestar Galactica Party, hosted by The Colonial Fleet and the American Sci-Fi Media track, is almost here and we want you to come join the frakkin’ celebration! We’re looking to give the show a proper farewell and raise some money for charity, so don’t miss out! We are featuring props and items that will benefit the Georgia Chapter of the American Alzheimer’s Association. BSG costumes are highly encouraged. Wear your colonial best and come celebrate the weekend with your favorite frakkers! Humans and Cylons welcome!

The Colonial Fleet is a unique family of Battlestar Galactica fans that fondly considers Dragon*Con its home away from home. Come join us. Skids up at 2200 HOURS! Only requirement for entry is your Dragon*Con badge.
Sat 10PM, Grand Ballroom (S)

2009 BSG Party

Intergalactic Beach Party (hosted by CON*tourage)
Break our your best alien beach wear. Prizes for best alien bikinis and go-go dancers. Wear something that is black light reactive. For more information visit www.con-tourage.com or add us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/contourage) for updates on where we are at Dragon*Con to secure an invitation. (Invites required for entry. For additional info. text 205-422-7055)
Sat Midnight-3AM, Hyatt (Room TBA on invites)



“Happy Hour at Ten Forward” Party – Star Trek!
Federation personnel and Klingon warriors from around the Galaxy meet, greet and snarl at each other in this enormously popular social gathering, where anything can–and does–happen! Featuring hot dance music from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, provided by DJ B-Naut! Proudly hosted by the world’s largest chapter of STARFLEET…the USS Republic. Come join us for great fun and great music in a Star Trek atmosphere! Sun 7PM-midnight, Savannah I-III – 2nd (main) floor (S)

Dead Pirates of Sci Fi Meetup
Sun 7PM, in front of Starbucks at the Marriott.

Babylon 5: A Place Where No Shadows Fall
Come get together with other fans to chat about the show. Sun 8:30PM, 10th Floor (M).

Live Action Quest Wrap Up Party
All XP will be totaled and prizes will be awarded. If you would like to be eligible for the big prizes, please arrive prior to 10:30PM. Sun 10PM, Athens (S).

Second Annual Mad Scientists’ Ball
Singing Tesla Coils. Lab coats. Evil geniuses. Mad scientists. Loads of minions. Lots of fun. Lots of dancing. Very little sleep. And goodies! Wannabes welcome!  Entertainment by: ARCATTACK, One-Eyed Doll, Rev. I. Stang, Rev. S. Floozie, and Z. Anderson. Hosted by the Science track.
Sun 10PM, Regency VI-VII (H)

Sony Online Entertainment Party
Hosted by the MMORPG track.
Sun 10PM, Capitol Ballroom (S)

Live Action QuestGivers Party
Hosted by the MMORPG track.
Sun, 10PM, Athens (S)

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Thanks to All That Make the Con Happen and a Happening Event
Twas a great time had by all. Till next year, Cave On.
—John Bost

Having Great Time
Wish you were here.

Happy Birthday Micki!
—From all of your rays of light and dark. Can’t wait til Halloween.

To Katherine
To our 3rd year together.  Happy 3rd from your sugar bear.

Thanks for Coming to Your first Dragon*Con with me, Alena!
Hope this is the first of many more Dragon*Cons to come. You’re the love of my life and my fantasy come true.
—Love, Christopher

Happy Birthday Donna!
Thanks for spending your birthday with us at our first con.
—Love you, Turdell’s

Happy Birthday Pete!
You are the love of my life. I LAWN you.
­—Love, Lisa

Happy Anniversary SpaceWeft!
It has been a wonderful year with you! I’m very glad we met and fell in love!
—Yours Always, Joe

Hope All My Friends are Having a Good Time
Wish I was there!

Happy 12th Birthday to Tommy Thomas
May the Force Always Be With You!! From
—Resistance Leader A.C.

Happy B-day Nav
The Love of my Life and my True North
—From your ray of Sunshine.

For Stella:
You mean everything to me and I’m so glad you came with me to Dragon*Con with me
this year as my wife instead of my fiancé. Love you!

Happy 18th Birthday Andrew!
—Mary Ellen

Hay “Todd” boys
It looks like I will be able to join you tomorrow. Mom is feeling much better, so cross your fingers she stays that way and I will see you after the parade. I miss you guys. Call home if you ever get cell phone signals…

Happy Birthday, Cheri!
From your roomies!

Thank you for coming to Dragon*Con, and being the best friend, wife, and bumhug I could ever have. BEEP!
—Love, Billy

Many thanks to Julie, Irina, and Jean
For making it possible for me to attend Dragon*Con this year! It’s appreciated more than you realize!
—Hugs, Victoria

Honeymoon at Dragon*Con
Congratulations to Jodi and Tony; 1 week today!
—Chris Poss

Happy 30th Brendan!
I’m glad we get to spend the day with you!
—Love always, Mom

Happy Birthday Bev Kodak!
—Love all your D*C friends/fans.

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to My wife, Mary Catherine
—Love, JoeDom

Happy Birthday, “Tessa B’byte”
Rock On!
—Debbie Sherrod

Love You Eric and Happy Birthday Love!
Every Dragon*Con gets better with you, looking forward to next year

To Jonathan
Thank you for showing me Dragon*Con and changing my world.
—Love your Ellabella

Congratulations to Claire and Jonathan
May you have many happy years of marriage.

To: Sci-Fi Girl
Soooo sad we won’t be there this year! Don’t forget to stalk Ben B. for me! Have fun and Willy’s for all of us, and NO FALLING!
—From: Rosehawk and the Choker

Happy 16th Birthday!
—Love, Mom, Dad, and Valerie

Live Long and Prosper
A shout-out to Leonard Nimoy for finally coming back to Atlanta!

Margo, Happy 16th Birthday!
We are so happy you could be with us at Dragon*Con this year.  Here’s to many more years spending Labor Day together in Atlanta!
–Love, Aunt Dee, Uncle David, Gregory, and Valerie

In Memoriam: Eric Berlan
Whether running D&D as part of Gaming staff or being a vocal member of the AMSF panels, you made your mark on D*C.  Your death was a real loss and you will be missed!
—Larkin, Kelly, Ryan, Roger, Bryan, & Ken

Happy Birthday Jessica!
There will be cake Saturday!

Welcome back,  Zombie Squad!
We’re glad to have you guys protecting us from the undead shambling hoards at Dragon*Con again this year!

Conor Boy
Welcome to your first Dragon*Con.

To My Dear Con Virgins J & T
…this ain’t no Jedi mind trick—now you will understand the majic of D*C.  And a very Happy Birthday to T!  Rabbits frakkin rock!

Roar Out Loud, Fellow Thrillers!
Let’s crush our competition!

For Our Daughter, Erin
The only D*C Virgin left in the family. It’s about time you made it to Atlanta, girl!
—Ben & Ali Bass

Wishing Gerald W. Page a Happy 70th Birthday
You’ve mastered seven decades and shown us all how it’s done. Seventy congratulations, one for every year. Happy birthday, Jerry!

Welcome Kat & Jay – D*C Virgins
We’re glad you made it and are honored to be your enablers.
—Lucius and Molly

RE: My Extreme Happiness Since Last Year’s Con
—Elise White
[Editor’s note: We don’t get it either…]

Jenny Welcomes
Friends Kathleen, Teresa, and Dragon*Con virgin Sue to the madness! I can’t wait to hang out with you all!

Public Service Announcement from Transylvania Television
The creators of Transylvania Television want to remind all Dragon*Con attendees to spay or neuter your ewoks! It’s the only responsible thing to do.

Happy Birthday Andrew
I want to wish you a happy 18th birthday, Andrew. I hope you are celebrating in Dragon*Con style.
—Love, Mom

To All the Browncoats and Jedi Attending This Year’s Dragon*Con
A great BIG shout-out. Stay Shiny, Keep Flyin’ and May the Force Be With You!
—Anthony “Tanthos” Foister

Thank You
To the people who manage, produce, organize, promote, volunteer, and otherwise put on the weekend for the rest of us to attend and enjoy!

To Robio
Dragon*Con will not be the same without you. There will be a very big manpretty void to fill. The Clique shall toast in your honor…many, many times. Maybe even with Patron.
—Love, Demmie

To Petzilla
For putting up with chaos of costuming, for patiently listening while I babbled on about different glue types, and for being my patient spotter (“Duck!”) and resigned carrier of stuff, this Dragon*Con’s for you! NFH

Happy Birthday to Ru’etha
I’m sure all the other thousands of friends here at your giant birthday party wish you the same! I love you!

Congrats to Inari Bitner
Who has been to more Dragon*Cons than she has had birthdays!
—Daddy Puma

Congrats to Kaiya Bitner
Who has been going to Dragon*Con for 2/3 of her life!
—Daddy Puma

To the one and only “Dragon*Con Lady”
You rock my world!! Thanks for 16 fun-filled years at D*C. Let’s hope we can make it another 16.
—John Tackett

Hello and all my love to Jason & Desi Jackson!
Can’t wait to hang out with my favorite Daily Dragon reporters!
—Love, Mom

Warmest Welcomes
To the cast and crew of the Two True Freaks podcast and the Alternate Reality comic book podcast! Hope this year is a blast and I look forward to hanging out with you all!
—Eric “Greencapt” Peterson

Jon Eric Berlan (1968-2009)
Gamer, Geek, Fanboy, Friend; You will be missed!

Happy Birthday, Ben!
Even Dragon*Con is celebrating your birthday by posting the schedule for you!
—Love, Amy

Happy 10th Birthday, Elijah!
Happy 1st decade! May the Force be with you always!
—Love, Granny Anomar

Happy D*Con ’09
Faery wings and zombie things
Liqour and laughs in the Hyatt bar
Parade groups and post-apocalyptic suits

To all the friends who have fit in the packed car. Dragon*con love to Onion, Drist, Non, The Zombie Lord, and my sweetest thing, Techno. Here is to one more. Happy D*Con ’09.
—Crystal Sorrow

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ann Baker
I hope all of your birthday wishes come true.
—So Sincere, LaQuiesha

To Brian
I’m so happy to get to share Dragon*Con with you. Love you!

To Michael
My lover, my friend, my partner extraordinaire. Dragon*Con is all the much better with you by my side. Thanks for being present in my life.
—Love Suzanne

Happy Con to All My D*C Friends
So sorry not to be with you this year. I await the many lovely photos and videos…so get cracking!
—THE DE Angel


Lost & Found

Lost:  I’m looking for a Sony digital camera in a black BUILT neoprene case.  It has all our mammoth cave family photos on it. Please contact me at 404-661-5956.

Lost: Silver Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Camera has personal and work related photos that are needed. Please contact 478-951-9208. Thank you.

Lost: A black Sony Cybershot camera while at the GA Aquarium night Saturday around 8:30. Offering a reward! Please, please return!
(Liz McGee) jezebelangelx (at) comcast (dot) net