2009 Programming Changes

Guest Changes





(M) = Marriott; (Hil) = Hilton; (S) = Sheraton
The default is the Hyatt if hotel is not indicated.

Guest Changes

Due to professional commitments, the following previously confirmed guests will not be able to attend Dragon*Con 2009:

  • Attaboy
  • Eric Basaldua
  • Pierre Bernard
  • Paul Dini
  • Lexa Doig
  • Flynn’s Folly
  • Leslie Fish
  • Paul Goddard
  • Diana Tixier Herald
  • Tobe Hooper
  • J. C. Hutchins
  • Kaza Kingsley
  • Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Misty Lee
  • Robert Duncan McNeil
  • Sharon Morgan
  • Jasika Nicole
  • John Noble
  • Edward James Olmos
  • Annie Owens
  • Jaime Paglia
  • David Prowse
  • James Randi
  • George Romero
  • Edmund Schubert
  • Michael Shanks
  • Sean H. Shaw
  • Bradley H. Sinor
  • Karen Stollznow
  • Eric James Stone
  • Michael Welch
  • Eric Wight
  • Jason Yungbluth



New guests: Tommy Castillo, Brad Dourif, Michael Hogan


“Space Satellite and Telescope Institute” with Laura Burns and Tyler Desjardins. Fri 11:30AM, 203 (Hil).

“Designing Spaceships for Science Fiction and Fantasy” What makes a great sci-fi spaceship? Jeff Carlisle discusses Reality vs. Fantasy, Form vs. Function, and reviews some of the coolest ships of all time. Fri 2:30PM, Hanover A-B.

A.J. Hartley will be signing autographs Fri 4PM, M301-304 (M).

Tracy Scoggins will be on “Babylon 5 Guests” Fri 4PM, Regency VI-VII.

“Film Festival: Action!  Guns, Kicks, and Blood” Shootings, stabbings, kung-fu, and schoolgirls. Starring Patrick Warburton and Ted Raimi. Fri 4PM, Learning Center.

“Letters From The Destiny” Q&A with Stargate: Universe actors.  Sarah Smyth and Andrew Dunbar. Fri 5:30PM, A706 (M).

“Whoah! Devastator’s Got Nards! – A Post-Mortem on Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen” Discuss the pros and cons of the latest live-action installment of our favorite giant robot mythology and rumors about Transformers 3. Presented by GMX with GMX prize giveaways. Fri 7PM, Baker.


“Virginia Hey Visualization Meditation Workshop” Includes one hour of discussion followed by an hour of guided meditation. See Ms. Hey in the Walk of Fame for more info. (Note: there is an extra fee to attend this workshop.) Sat 11:30AM, Piedmont (S).

“Star Trek Authors Cavalcade: The Ladies” Star Trek authors, novelists, writers, and editors collectively discuss their past, current, and upcoming works, the perils and pitfalls of writing new fiction in the Star Trek universe, and how rebooting the Star Trek franchise affects the future of Star Trek adventures in print. Ann C. Crispin, Susan Kearney, Terri Osborne, Josepha Sherman. Sat 2:30PM, Savannah (S).

“Film Festival: Urban Wolf” An episodic thriller as an American tourist is stalked by a hidden CCTV operator in Paris. Q&A with director. Sat 2:30PM, Learning Center.

“So You Want to Be a Sci-Fi Consultant” Sat 2:30PM, Centennial II-III.

“TrekTrak Presents Captain Janeway” Q&A with Kate Mulgrew Sat 4PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

A.J. Hartley will be doing a Dragon*Reading Sat 5:30PM, Roswell.

Hildy Silverman will be on “Alternate History Classics” Sat 5:30PM, Piedmont.

Claudia Christian will be on “Improv with Dean Haglund” Sat 7PM, Hanover C-E.

“Planning your own ‘Long Expected Party'” Have you ever thought about organizing your own event? Come talk to other fans and find out the why-tos and wherefores and make some new friends along the way! Sat 8:30PM, L506-L507 (M).

“Hypnosis Overnight Group Discussion and Meditation Session” Led by Dee Bitner. Sat 11PM-3AM, M106-M107 (M)


Tommy Castillo will be on “Iron Artist” Sun 9:30AM, Centennial I.

“Tolkien Geeks and other Fantasy Freaks” A reading and Q&A by Ethan Gilsdorf. Sun 11:30AM, L506-L507 (M).

“Film Festival: Religion, Free Thought, and Belief” Documentaries on the attempt to put up an “Atheist Tree” and an actual reenactment of the crucifixion—with nails. Q&A with filmmakers. Sun 2:30PM, Learning Center.

“Teenage Bikini Vampires and Death” Filmmaker Devi Snively brings her morbid, twisted humor to three shorts of a babysitting Death, a vampire who wants a tan, and tap-dancing zombies. Q&A follows. Sun 5:30PM, Learning Center.

“Dragon*Reading: Sean Shoshak” Sun 5:30PM, University.

“Brain-machine Interfaces, or the Brain as a Machine” A presentation on the current state of open-source hardware for biopotential recording, machine learning, neurobiology, biological motor learning, and brain-machine interfaces for prosthetic (and other!) control. Sun 8:30PM, 202 (Hil).

“Silk Road Show” Come experience the delights of belly dancing.  Sun 8:30PM, L508 (M).


Ginjer Buchanan will be on “The Future of Urban Fantasy” Mon 11:30AM, Montreal/Vancouver

“Australian Skeptics Study of Paranormal and Pseudoscience Beliefs” A presentation of findings from a large study on what people believe and why. Mon 1PM, 202 (Hil).



David Prowse will not be on “A Clockwork Orange Remembered” Fri 11:30AM, Centennial II-III; “Meet the Stars of Star Wars” Sat 4PM, Regency VI-VII; and “Meet the Stars of Star Wars” Sun 7PM Atrium Ballroom (M).


Peter Facinelli will not be on “Twilight Time” Fri 2:30PM, Grand A-F (S).

“Unbelievable Flying Objects: The Art and Science of Spaceship Design” Fri 2:30PM, Hanover A-B.

“Tobe Hooper: Iconic Director” Fri 4PM, Learning Center.

“Flynn’s Folly” Fri 5PM, Hyatt Concourse.

Scott Adsit will not be on “Animation Voice Acting” Fri 5:30PM, Int’l North.

Kate Mulgrew will not be on “Star Trek: Voyager Stars I” Fri 5:30PM, Grand Ballroom A-F (S).

Tobe Hooper will not be on “Writing for Film and Television” Fri 8:30PM, Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong.


“Making Your Costume Extraordinary” Sat 11:30AM, L506-L507 (M).

Kate Mulgrew will not be on “The TrekTrak Show” Sat 1PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“Eureka – Creation Theory” Sat 2:30PM, Centennial II-III.

“Live Long and Prosper: TrekTrak Presents Leonard Nimoy” Sat 4PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Friar Bryan Small will not be on “What is Your Apocalypse” Sat 5:30PM, L504 (M).

“Runes of Magic” Sat 5:30PM, Augusta (S).

“Neography and Scripts” Sat 7PM, Hanover A-B.

Jaime Paglia will not be on “Myths in the Movies: How NOT to Do Space Exploration” Sat 10PM, Crystal Ballroom (Hil).


“Jumpgate Evolution” Sun 10AM, Augusta (S).

Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt will not be on “Podcasting For Games and Gamers” Sun 11:30AM, 204 (Hil).

“Arresting Strangeness: Fantasy Fulfilled in the Lord of the Rings Onstage” Sun 11:30AM, L506-L507 (M).

Mary Robinette Kowal will not be on “Creating and Using Puppetry as Costume” Sun 11:30AM, M103-M105 (M).

Annie Owens will not be on “Feminine Wiles – The Women of Pop Art” Sun 1PM, Hanover F.

“Tobe Hooper on Short Film” Sun 5:30PM, Learning Center.

William Faith will not be on “Bleeding Into The Mainstream” Sun 8:30PM, Hanover C-E.

“Medical Device Development: Thrills, Excitement, and Crazy Research!” Sun 8:30PM, 202 (Hil).

“Geisha Theater with Ana Ikimaru” Sun 8:30PM, L508 (M).


Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz will not be on “Working with Joss” Mon 10AM, Crystal Ballroom (Hil).

Joe Flanigan will not be on “Stargate Multiverse Supergate Panel” Mon 10AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“An Hour With Draco Malfoy” Mon 11:30AM, Centennial II-III.

Katherine Kurtz will not be on “Last Chance: Ask the Authors” Mon 11:30AM, Centennial II-III.

Sean H. Shaw will not be on “Peepshow – Contemporary Pin-Up Art” Mon 1PM, Hanover F.

“Holy War – The Discovery Institute’s Assault on Neuroscience” Mon 1PM, 202 (Hil).

Charlaine Harris will not be on “Plodding or Plotting?” Mon 2:30PM, Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong.



The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company will present “The Call of Cthulhu” by H. P. Lovecraft, adapted by Ron N. Butler, along with “Night Call” by Brian Phillips on Sat 7:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (M) and “Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Enemies Within!” by Ron N. Butler along with “Omnilingual” by H. Beam Piper, adapted for audio by Daniel Taylor, on Sun 7PM, Regency VI-VII.


“Cassini: Past, Present and Future” will be at 11:30AM not 10AM on Fri in 203 (Hil).

“X-Files Retrospective” RW Goodwin (producer/director), Sheila (Margaret Scully), and Dean (Langly) remissness about X-Files. Fri 5:30PM, M106-M107 (M).


Torchwood: An Hour with Ianto” will be Sat at 11:30AM, not 10AM, Grand Ballroom A-F (S).




“TrekTrak Presents Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner” moved from Atrium Ballroom (M) to Centennial I-III (Hyatt), Fri 10AM.  Will also be broadcast live on big screens in Atrium Ballroom (M) and DCTV.

“Babylon 5 Guests” moved from Fri 10AM, Centennial II-III to Fri 4PM, Regency VI-VII.

“Dragon*Reading: Mike Resnick” moved from Fri 1PM, University to Sun 5:30PM, Roswell.

“Spotlight on Terry Gilliam” will be 1 hour, not 2.5 hours, Fri 1PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“British Media Gaming I” will be 1.5 hours, not 2.5 hours, Fri 1PM, Valdosta (S).

“BSG – Launch Tubes Active!” moved from Fri 4PM to Fri 5:30PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“Stargate: SG-1 Supergate Panel” moved from Fri 5:30PM to Fri 4PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“SG: Interactive” moved from Fri 5:30PM to Fri 7PM, A706 (M).

“Is Mainstream Media Dying?” moved from Fri 5:30PM to Fri 4PM, A704 (M).

“Introduction to Dragon*Con LARPS” moved from Fri 5:30PM to Fri 5:00PM, Grand Salon B (Hil).

Machina moved from Fri 5:30PM to 7PM and will be 1 hour, not 2.5 hours, Augusta (S).


“Arthurian Legend in British Media” moved from Sat 11:30AM to Mon 10AM, Valdosta (S).

“What is Your Apocalypse” moved from Sat 2:30PM to Sat 5:30PM, L504 (M).

“Zombie Squad” moved from Sat 4PM to Sat 2:30PM, Int’l North.

“Fading of the Cries Preview” moved from Sat 5:30PM, Int’l North to Sat 7:00PM, Int’l South.

“Young Adult Literature Team Trivia” moved from Int’l South to A601-A602 (M), Sat 7PM.

“Court The Late Night Muse” moved from Sat 10PM to Sat 11:30PM, L506-L507 (M).


Margaret H. Bonham‘s autograph signing moved from  Sun 10AM to Sat 5:30PM, M301-304 (M).

“An Hour With Draco Malfoy” moved from Sun 11:30AM to Sun 4PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Adam Savage‘s Sun 1PM autograph signing will be in Cloak Room, 2nd floor (Hil).

“Twilight Time” moved from Sun 4PM to Sun 11:30AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

“The Music of the Ainur” moved from Sun 7PM to Sat 10PM, L506-L507 (M).

“LARP Costuming and Props Exhibition” moved from Sun 8:30PM to Sat 11AM, Grand Salon B (Hil).

“British Media Gaming II” moved from Sun 8:30PM to Sun 10AM, Valdosta (S).


“Film Festival: Unspeakable Acts” will be followed by 1.5 hours of SF shorts. Mon 1AM, Learning Center.

“The Guild – Q&A with Felicia Day” moved from Capitol Ballroom (S) to Grand Ballroom A-F (S), Mon 10AM.

“Being Human” moved from Mon 10AM to Sun 10PM, Valdosta (S).

“Ghost Hunters: What’s Coming?” moved from Mon 10AM, Centennial I, to Mon 1PM, Centennial II-III.

“Last Chance: Ask the Authors” moved from Centennial I to Centennial II-III, Mon 11:30AM.

“Sanctuary – Don’t Feed the Monsters!” moved from Mon 1PM to Mon 2:30PM, A704 (M).

“Religion, Spirituality, and the Paranormal” moved from Mon 1PM to Mon 10AM, M106-M107 (M).

“Seeker – The Truth Shall Lead the Way” moved from Mon 2:30PM to 1PM, Centennial I.