Happy Birthday to The Navigator!
You are my inspiration, my heart and soul, my one and only! Have a Great Day from your Sunshine.

To My Husband, Stephan
Happy 10(b) year anniversary! Thank you for exploring new worlds with me!

Get Better Soon Endnull!
Sorry you had to call it an early night due to a migraine on Saturday!

Happy 40th Birthday CJ Biro
—Lisa Lombardi

Happy Birthday to the Best Hubby Ever!
I Love you Dan!
XOXO, Amanda

To My Husband, Ryan!
Woohoo! Our 3rd Dragon*Con! My bffe Wicked Jenny and Michael, Jeff, Walt, Bryant, Chris, and family and Demetrie and his lady! Have a great Con everyone! Love you guys!
—Evil Brina

To My Girlfriend of Two and a Half Years
Kerry Anne Richmond, will you marry me?
—Michael Paul Blanton

To Chris Ceraolo, Dragon*Con Dragonista, in a Hospital in FL
I missed our annual talk-n-ride from the airport to the hotel on Wed. Chris, you are missed and loved and in Atlanta in Spirit!… Dove

Welcome Niiki to Your First Con!
It only took 18 years to get here. We love you and have fun.
—Beth and Tom Suitt

Happy B-day Meagan!
Scubba Steve, happy (early) anniversary, 2 yrs. and going strong 🙂

Steven, I’m so happy to guide you through your 1st D*Con!
Can’t wait to go to many more with you.
—Love, Sara

(zaghareet!!!) Shout out to the Silk Road Track Crew- Yolanda!
Can’t wait to see you! And waving to the ATLrs&Texans! Hi Heather! Hi Kira! Hi Ziah! Hi Majda!
—Andye (Atlanta African Asian Exchange)

A Great Big Shout-out and Hug to the Dragon*Con Office Staff
Brenda, it will be over soon, I promise. Tony, you have been a godsend to Brenda at the office. Chip, make sure that they both stay in line. You all are the unsung heroes of the con!
—John T.

Desi and Jason
Looking forward to seeing the Ghost Hunters with you on Sunday!
—Love, Jared

To Our cousin, Jared
Our future Ghost Hunter in training! We love you, Jared, and can’t wait to see you this week!
—Desi and Jason

Happy Dragon*Con, Guys!
Hi, Erika, Gabby, Mindy, and Sarah! I love you guys and am so excited to be spending five fun-filled days with you. It’ll be EPIC! Bam said the lady!
—Melanie L.

Happy birthday Ann Marie, and Happy Anniversary!
You are truly the love of my life and I’m so glad we’re doing “this” together.

Sara: Happy 2nd Dragon*Con
Will you be my heterosexual life partner? <3

Thank You For Being My Knight in Slightly Dented Armor
Shane, a year ago today I met you at Emerald Rose’s Evening at Bree concert. Now you are my husband. I love you! Also, thanks Dragon*Con for helping us find each other!

Happy Birthday Eugenia Martin!
We all love you!

For PJ
I can’t wait to see the best con in the U.S. through your virgin eyes!

Happy 11th Birthday Elijah!
May the Force always be with you, and may your Magic always shine. Much Love and Happy Dragon*Con!
—Granny Anomar

Greetings to My Children, Desiree and Jason Jackson
Can’t wait to hang out with my two favorite sci-fi geeks again this year.
—Love and kisses, Mom

Happy birthday Eelem!
—Love, Balenya

Thank You Sarabeth
For two wonderful years! Only Dragon*Con could bring two crazy people like us together!
—Russell Cash

Joni, So Happy You’re Getting to Be at D*Con This Year
—Muerandah d’Acre

To Lisa Iriarte, the grand-prize winner of “The Pyr and Dragons Adventure” 5th Anniversary Essay Contest, who is here at Dragon*Con for the first time as part of her prize. Happy 5th Anniversary to Pyr!

Happy Birthday Bev Kodak!
—Love, Your Many Fans

To Corrine and Ryan
Thanks for being such good friends! Happy Dragon*Con!