New guests: Tyson Houseman, Peter Mayhew


Patti French, Shawn Coleman, Pete Smith, and Tim Andrews will be on “[adult swim] ATHF/Squids” Fri 11:30AM, Centennial II-III

“A Panel Called Fred” Presented by FRED Entertainment, what will happen during this panel? That’s an excellent question. Ken Plume presents a mystery! Fri 11:30AM, A601-602 (M)

“Inside the Actor’s Gaffee: Patricia Quinn” An hour long interview with British Actress Patricia Quinn discussing her life, career, and experiences with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Fri 1PM, Grand Ballroom A-F (S)

“Animation Fan Fun Panel” Join animation fanatic Craig Crumpton and special industry guests for a panel light on commentary and packed with cartoon voice actor improv, a wild old-time radio script performance, and trivia contest. Fri 5:30PM, Dunwoody.

“The Science and Art of Forensic Pathology” Dr. Kris Sperry returns to Dragon*Con to discuss the science and art of forensic pathology, including updated techniques and how they have solved cases. Fri 5:30PM, M106-107 (M)

Paul Dini will be on “Lost: It’s Over… what did it all mean?” Fri 7PM, M106-107 (M)

“John Zaffis: The World Within Movie” encore presentation with Q&A afterwards. Fri 11:59PM, Grand Ballroom (S)


Gil Gerard will be in the Dragon*Con parade. Sat 10AM

Tom Kenny will be on “Voice Actors” Sat 11:30AM, Int’l South

“Paul Dini Presents Tower Prep!” Paul Dini talks about his newest project on Cartoon Network, Tower Prep. See what prizes and surprises are in store. Sat 11:30AM, International North

Robert J. Sawyer will be doing a Dragon*Reading Sat 1PM, Edgewood

“Science Greets the Supernatural” Sat 1PM, Piedmont (S)

“Terminator Q&A” with Edward Furlong Sat 2:30PM, Crystal (Hil)

“The Best of Bizarro Saturday Morning” Join C. Martin Croker as he presents the best of Bizarro Saturday Morning. Sat 4PM, Dunwoody

“Striking Ancient Skies” Many Greek & Roman coins featured astrological and astronomical designs that have been traced to actual astronomical events. Call this Archeo-Astronomy! Sat 5:30PM, 203 (Hil)

“Religious Themes and Impact on Viewership – X Files and Lost” Join Father Bryan Small as he leads a discussion on the religious themes included in the Lost finale and the last few seasons of The X Files. Sat 7PM in M106-107 (M)


Dragon*Reading by M.B. Weston Sun 10AM, Roswell

“ vs. Torchwood” Back with a vengeance, the crew from tackles all things Torchwood. Sun 1PM, Capitol Ballroom (S)

“Costuming With Leather” Learn tips and tricks on working with leather in costumes from a professional. Sun 2:30PM, L506-L507 (M)

“Voice Acting Workshop” Ever wanted to break into the voiceover industry but just didn’t know where to start?  Voice actors from anime, video games, and assorted mediums present a workshop on what it really takes to get started in this industry in Atlanta. Sun 2:30PM, Dunwoody.

“Filk Two-Fers Part 2” Sun 7PM, Baker


“Hollywood North” Favorite actors discuss how the vital production community of Vancouver has changed things on how series are made, with Michael Shanks and Alaina Huffman. Mon 10AM, Centennial II – III

NEW Richard Hatch and Derek Conley will be on “Web Based Media” Mon 10AM, A704 (M)

NEW Mark Sheppard has been added to “Hollywood North” Mon 10AM, Centennial II-III

Graham Hancock will be signing autographs Mon 11:30AM, M301-304 (M)

“How to Run a Convention” Meet the people who run some of the biggest cons in America to get the lowdown. Mon 2:30PM, Courtland

“Total Solar Eclipse Coming to Georgia in 2017 –Be Ready!” Learn about solar eclipses with Trina Ray and see pictures from the recent eclipse that occurred on Easter Island. Mon 2:30PM, 203 (Hil)

NEW Peter David will be on “An Hour with Peter David” Mon 4PM, Athens (S).