Lost & Found

[If you’ve lost or found something at the convention, stop by Dragon*Con Security in Room M101 (Marriott). If that doesn’t bring about a successful reunion, email the Daily Dragon and we’ll announce it. And be sure to check out these helpful Lost & Found Hints and Tips from D*C Security.]

LOST:  16 gigabite mini-sd memory card at the atrium ballroom at the Marriott. Email: highstart85@gmail.com

LOST: d02 baseball hat in southern comfort restaurant Friday night at 7PM in Hilton. Hotel lost and found hasn’t found it. It days “know no limit” on the reverse. If
found please contact Christian Conkle at 360-936-9978

LOST: Droid X with purple zebra stripe cover. Please call 1 (704) 906-1692. We think it was left lower merchandise room in Marriott.

LOST: Sword between Hyatt and Marriott by pool: wooden, duct tape hilt, silver and black. Please tweet @Zephyrpop if found.

LOST: black Motorola phone battery, on Friday, BF5X. Email: yellolab@msn.com

LOST: Kodak camera in gray canvas case w/extra lens pocket. Medium black, wide nylon strap. Lost in Hyatt, Sat AM. Shannon Aviles 407-405-8143

LOST: black Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate smartphone in clear argyle patterned case. Modest reward. Email: beccafonville11@gmail.com

LOST: 4-day badge. Name: Anason Philavanh; Nickname: Psylocke
Last worn inside Marriot Sat (9/3) around 11PM-1AM. Email: marleguardia@yahoo.com

LOST: Florida drivers license. Jenny Schoenfeld 727-967-1856

LOST: Silver lightsaber hilt with red power button and slightly discolored handgrip in Marriott Atrium under Pulse loft or Marriott Atrium ballroom before Gonzaroo. Contact Jean Prior, 513-560-2591. 11491 Folkstone Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45240

FOUND: iPhone 4 found in Learning Center, Hyatt. Appears to belong to a “Berkan Ciger.” Turned in to Daily Dragon, Chicago E-F.

LOST: Wallet with Utah driver’s license (1st name: Winn) found in Marriott dealer’s room. At Security Operations (M).

FOUND: Nikon lens cap found in Westin Peachtree Ballroom. Left at the soundboard.

LOST: Lost four-day badge for Brian Wilson in Marriott atrium around 10:30PM Friday. Realized it was missing five minutes afterward and looked but someone already got it. Any help is appreciated. email: brianwilson71@msn.com

LOST: Black Sony Cybershot camera with pictures of McGee’s Alice and the Queen of Hearts as I was leaving the convention. It may have been in the hotels or it may have fallen out in the Courtland Parking garage. Please help me find it 🙁 I took so many pictures! If found, please email: (xyr3sic@gmail.com) xyr3sic (at) gmail (dot) com

FOUND: Blue Sony camera. Turned in at information booth at the Hilton.

LOST: Drivers license after registration belonging to Stephen Willis of Valdosta, GA. If found, please call 229-232-3196.

FOUND: Found D*C badge for Mike Duberville in the Sheraton parking garage. Left with the Registration staff.

FOUND: A smartphone was left in the X-track room. Please see a member of the X-track to pick it up.

FOUND: An iPhone was left in the Writer’s Workshop in Hanover A-B.