Jennie Breeden, congratulations on your engagement!

Happy Birthday, Claire
Best of luck to you and Alan.

14 Years Together and 13 Years at Dragon*Con = The Great Adventure!
Thank you, Jerry, for being geeky with me.
—Love, Jerri

Six years and it’s still the best day ever.
—Your Moonbeam

Happy Birthday
To Bev Kodak, the YA Lit Track Director.

Happy Birthday Navigator
From your wife and the Sunshine of your life. I Love You.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Rob Thurman from Dragon*Con!
—Rwinny and Twinchy

Thank You to Shelley for saying yes to the Big Question
I am a very Happy Man. Love You Shelley!

Happy 10-Year Anniversary
To my husband, best friend, drinking buddy, & Imzadi… you taught me the secret of eternal youth. Never stop laughing! I love you baby!

Thanks for changing seats and changing my life two years ago. I love you!

Have a wonderful 32nd Birthday, Brendan!
We all love you!
—Love, Mom, Gina, Care, Jason, and Carmen

From Zoltan to Lady Mayhem
Happy 2nd con and happier 10th anniversary bumhug!  Thank you, and I love you!

Thank you for 3 wonderful years! I love you!
— The Rev. Russell Cash

Lori, Melinda, and Mike
Welcome to Dragon*Con where dreams of radioactive zombies in tanks movies do come true.

PL Holley
Thanks for 19 years of Dragon*Con and friendship and love!  This is our real anniversary.

Gwen Blakeley has gone into the West
But you are with us still in spirit. We love and miss you.
—PLOBFFHH from Alesia, Dawn,  Kris, Dina, Kim, Madie, Crystal, Ashley, Darcee, & Heather.

Attend one of the Science Track’s Ham Radio talks last year and get

We want to meet you. Tweet @ATLRadioClub for more info.

To My Wonder Daughter, Tiffany (Tifa)!
Welcome to your first con! This is one of the happiest moments of my life to be able to share it with you! You are now an official geek! hehehe!
—William Adcock

Happy Birthday on Friday, Laura!

Happy Dragon*Con!
Welcome back to Atlanta.
—Atlanta Royal Cabbies

Happy Birthday BT!
So very glad you could make it from Boston this year!

Happy 21st birthday, Kassandra!
So glad we can celebrate at the Con.
—Love you, Mama

Happy Birthday to my bestest roomie, Karen Venn!
Hope to see you at D*C next year.

Happy first Dragon*Con to Josh, Patrick, and Lizzie
We are going to have a blast!
—Love, Dad

Happy Dragon*Con to My South Carolina Family

Much Love to Soundwave Legion of Boom, Charleston Area Star Trek Fans, and Lowcountry Anime & Gaming.

Happy Birthday, Tammy (on Mon 9/5)!
—Love, Chris

Congratulations, Kaitlyn
On your first Dragon*Con! I hope this is the first of many.
—Love, Dad.

To My Wonderful Husband, Spencer
Who, even though we just bought a new house and a new car last month and definitely don’t have as much money as usual for this trip, still managed to make sure that we get to enjoy another fun-filled con together! I love you and thank you for being as geeky as I am!
—All my Love, Teresa

Wishing My Husband, Augie a Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary!

Thinking of You
Ryan Jones and Essay Hood, the best 10th Doctor and Rose this side of David Tennant and Billie Piper. May you get better soon!
—Sir Diddimus

Mog, Jase, D, and Red Shirt…I mean Chrissy
Hail, hail, the crew’s all here! Barring mutiny, here’s to the start of a wonderful addiction! Can’t wait to share our first D*C stories—and more “you had to be there” events! Guess D wanted to renew vows after all! 😉

Super Excited About My Third Year at Dragon*Con
And even more excited to bring my sexy boyfriend for his very first time! Love you, Sean! XO
—Angie Starr

Happy Birthday, Ben Joyner!
Best hubby in the world! 🙂 Love you! Looking forward to next weekend!
—Amy Joyner

To My Baby, Happy 25th Birthday
Sorry I won’t be there as I am here at Dragon*Con.

Join the Dark Empire
Like the 501st but it’s not Dark Side enough for you? Join the Dark Empire! We’re officially affiliated with LucasArts. Custom costumes must pass standards to join. Come to the Dark Side.

Traci, My Lover, My Everything
I’m so glad you Dragon*Con de-virginized me last year, and even happier to be here with you this year. For this alone, I could put a ring on it. But that’s neither here nor there…Let’s enjoy the weekend! I love you!

Dragoncon is Love
Techno, I love you more than all the stormtroopers in the 501st + all the hamburgers at the Varsity + all the elevators stuck in the Hyatt. Happy D*Con, once again.

A huge, huge thank you to all the guests, staff, and volunteers who make Dragon*Con possible
Y’all don’t get nearly the credit you deserve. I wanted you to know you are appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Have a great con!!

Zombies! You Can Run…
But you can’t hide. Not this year Mr. HIACWEEKTZ*! There are more of us … and
we’re coming for you.
—Signed, “Hides In A Corner While Everyone Else Kills the Zombies”

To My Dear Friends (Busted Hoes)
Chris, Jessica, Katie, Eric: I can’t wait to see your smiling angel faces as we tromp through another year at D*C together. I love you!

Craishae, Dear Child of Mine
Have fun and be safe. Mainly be smart and make sure to bring me something from home! Love ya!
—Mama Jo

Thanks for the sweet message, Shae!
Been to many cons, but I’m so excited for my first Dragon*Con!:D

To my wonderful twin sister, Melanie, and my best friend, Mindy
I cannot wait to experience my 4th year at Dragon*Con with you guys. This year’s going to be the best one yet, I can tell! Let’s be bad guys! Allons-y!

Happy Dragon*Con to Leatrice, Bindiya, Shelby, Angie, and Rodisha!
I wish we could all be there together, but this is an even greater incentive to come back next year! Love you all!

Dale, I am so excited to share the Dragon*Con experience with you!
We are going to have so much fun!
—Love, Shana

Waffle, this will be the first of many D*Cons together!
Let’s make it one to remember. I love you so much!

Meri and Luchia
Can’t wait to see you experience your first Dragon*Con! Kimberly and I will show you the ropes! D*C Girls will ROCK!!

Happy 12th Birthday, Elijah!
From a youngling to a young man, I couldn’t be more proud of you. May the force be with you.
—Love, Granny-Elf

Amber Johnson…
So happy to be sharing your first Dragon*Con with you!! Can’t wait!!
—Love, Lisa and Jenny

Mike, I know you’re going to be a great daddy
Baby Barron #1 due April, 2012.
—Love, Your Wife Casey.

Happy 5th Dragon*Con anniversary to my awesome friends, Hollis, Jenny,
Ashley (1), and Ashley (2)!

We are going to rock in Sucker Punch this year!!! xoxoxo