“Costuming with Leather” moved from Fri 1PM to Fri 10AM, A401-403 (M).

“The Hobbit is finally happening!” moved from Fri 11:30AM, A601-602 (M) to Fri 1PM, Int’l Ballroom (Hy).

“Marika Levine” is “Symbolism in Anime” with Marika Levine. Fri 1PM, Courtland (Hy).

“Costuming Q&A” moved from Fri 2:30PM to Sat 5:30PM, L401-L403 (M).

“The Finishing Touches: Distressing and Embellishing Costumes” moved from Sat 2:30PM to Fri 2:30PM, L401-L403 (M).


“Circus Postorus – Inside the Collective” moved from Sat 10AM to Sun 2:30PM, Hanover F (Hy).

“Venture Brothers Fans Unite!” moved from Sun 2:30PM to Sat 10AM, Dunwoody (Hy).

“Cosplay Deviants Hentai” is “Mystery Hentai Theater 9001” Sat 11:30PM, Dunwoody (Hy).

“Interview with Voltaire” Sat 1PM moved from Montreal/Vancouver (Hy) to Int’l North (Hy).

“The Vampire Diaries” Sat 1PM moved from Int’l North (Hy) to Montreal/Vancouver (Hy).

“Costuming Q&A” moved from Sat 2:30PM to Sat 5:30PM, L401-L403 (M).

“The Historical and Literary Roots of the Hobbit” moved from Sat 4PM to Sat 2:30PM, L401-L403 (M).

“Libertarians in Space” Sat 4PM moved from Greenbriar (Hy) to Hanover C-E (Hy).

“Game of Thrones-Books or Series?” moved from Sat 5:30PM to Sat 7PM, Greenbriar (Hy).

“What Women Want” moved from Sat 7PM to Sat 5:30PM, Greenbriar (Hy).

“Akira – Screening with special commentary by Joe Peacock” moved from Sat 8:30PM to Sat 7PM, Hanover C-E (Hy).

“Match Game in the 25th Century” moved from Sat 8:30PM to Sat 7PM, A-703 (M).

“Why You Should NOT Use a Virus Scanner” moved from Sat 10PM to Sat 8:30PM, 201 (Hil).

“Busted: The Movie” moved from Sat 11:30PM to Sat 10PM, 201 (Hil).


“Is Goth the New Goth?” Sun 2:30PM moved from Montreal/Vancouver (Hy) to Peachtree Ballroom A-F (W).

“Towers of Midnight: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”is actually “Daes Dae’mar” Sun 2:30PM, Atlanta AB (W).

“The Vampire Diaries” Sun 2:30PM moved from Peachtree Ballroom A-F (W) moved to Montreal/Vancouver (Hy).

“All-Stars Panel” [adultswim] is actually “Swimcast II” (title change only) Sun 4PM, Dunwoody (Hy).

“Otaku Jeopardy” moved from Sun 5:30PM to Sat 7PM, Courtland (Hy).

“Archer: DANGER ZONE” is “Hooray for Metaphors: Archer Psychoanalysis” Sun 7PM, Dunwoody (Hy).