Crow: The Salvation – A Review

Dragon*Con attendees a unique opportunity to sneak preview the newest installment of the fan favorite Crow series—The Crow: Salvation. The talents of Kirsten Dunst, Fred Ward and Dragon*Con guest, Eric Mabius, help round out a rather solid cast for this go-round. The copy the convention audience is getting to see is the only early complete draft of the film, which showed in occasional spots.

The original Crow movie was very simple, but in its simplicity, excellent, very similar to the first Highlander. The second Crow had a better visual style than the first one and also had very solid acting, but a lukewarm script and scattered direction. The actors in The Crow: Salvation were did as good a job as you could have wanted (with all three major actors in the movie getting into their characters’ nuances excellently) , the music fit very well with the movie as compared with the second movie, but the script seemed to be a bit choppy unfortunately. The transitions between the scenes are a bit abrupt in a few spots which throws off the viewer, but remember that this is still an early preview copy which holds a great deal of promise.

The Crow: Salvation is possibly the darkest of the three movies with many nicely disturbing scenes that fit in well with the darker than the previous movies’ plots. The movie holds a lot of promise if they allow a bit more exposition to slip back into the print rather than shooting for the 90 minute mark that so many action movies try to shoot for. Try to see this special screening if you are able to, so that when the truly finished product emerges, you will be able to feel honored to see it in its early working stages.

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