Fantasy Full Body Make-up With Liquid Latex

Macia and Jocelyn offered their bodies to the demonstration of the applications of Liquid Latex and Airbrush make-up.  They are models for the artists.  The demonstration was filled to capacity so, it took me several moments before I got into the ongoing demonstration. I caught the question and answer period initially hosted by Dave Ekerle.  He pointed the audience to site which he garners his latex.  He recommends 1 qt per person, which is used in three layers diluted by water.  The latex dries waterproof.  If you have prosthesis to apply to the costume using latex, he recommends that you apply the prosthesis before the application of the latex using spirit gum.  The more layers applied to the latex the longer and more durable the latex will be. Before application of the latex they recommend being shaven as much as possible, or to cover with a light coat of Vaseline. cautions against using latex on the face. It is safe, but the latex may go somewhere where you do not want it to go.

After the Latex is applied, Duwayne Bishop, member of airbrushed the make-up using either airbrush make-up or acrylic paints. He recommends that the airbrushing be on a light PSI so that you do not blow the air into the pores of the model.  The make-up itself tends to be translucent in quality and needs to be applied to a light base.  He solved this problem by applying the acrylic as a light base before applying the make-up.  Upon completion of the “painting” of the body, they recommended two things that would keep the latex from being sticky.  There were two substances, one is oil that is spritzed on, and the other was a powdered make-up that is applied by brush, both of which are offered by the deviant latex company.  These two substances reduce the sticky qualities of the Latex’s exterior.

Jocelyn gave herself to a demonstration of the removal of the latex.  The latex was removed amidst faces of pain as it neared the sensitive areas of her body.  A member of their organization recommended that if necessary you can apply baby oil to assist in the removal of the latex.  But Jocelyn seemed to be a fan of the pull and rip method.

Liquid latex is an interesting substance that one must be dedicated to if one wants to use it in art and costume.  The techniques of application, and the pain of removal show dedication in the wearer and the artist that use that substance.  But knowing how to use liquid latex one can get many ideas of how to create stunning costumes to get the attention of all.

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