Kevin Rupe

Groundbreaking Fantasy With Poser5

3-Axis introduced Poser 5, the latest Poser release by Curious Labs, to an eager audience. This software renders 3D objects in an interactive environment for animation or 2D creation. A demonstration of its capabilities was conducted outside the art show by the Steve Cooper banner. Being new to Poser myself, I was amazed by the complexity of the textures and… Read more →

The Artist Reception

Dragon*Con 2002 is a good year for the art show so far. Approximately 3 months ahead of schedule, the art show was sold out. Seems that more bays and panels are available for show this year. Professional artists mingled with amateur artists to discuss tips and opinions with each other. It allowed the artists to tour the art show and… Read more →


Ghoultown gave a high energy, choreographed show. Their set included about 10 songs covered off their new and old album. Energy ripped through the crowd and created a mosh pit even during the slow song “Night of the Living Dead” and the occasional bad microphone work. Seems the plague of technical skill at sound boarding is persistent, but this didn’t… Read more →

Renderosity Is For Artists

Renderosity is a company dedicated to furthering the graphic technology, and the artists that use it.  Their website gets 91 million hits and transfers 30 gigabytes of information a day.  They have an active user base of one hundred thousand artists and professionals and the group grows by approximately 200 users a day.  Not bad for having roughly 45 employees. … Read more →

Silver Workshop

Marti Robinson gave a harried workshop on the Design of Precious Metal Clay jewelry creation.  Materials needed are very similar to the creation of ceramic sculpture, except the actual ingredient clay.  PMC3 (precious metal clay) comes in syringe, slip, and clay.  They clay can be ordered online and is available through precious metal magazines.  There are two brands but PMC3… Read more →

Fantasy Full Body Make-up With Liquid Latex

Macia and Jocelyn offered their bodies to the demonstration of the applications of Liquid Latex and Airbrush make-up.  They are models for the artists.  The demonstration was filled to capacity so, it took me several moments before I got into the ongoing demonstration. I caught the question and answer period initially hosted by Dave Ekerle.  He pointed the audience… Read more →

Day One Comes to a Close

The dragon smiled as it woke, surprised in its extra day of sleep it promised to make its birthday a rush of festive revelries.  Shifted one day was a bit bewildering to the dragon, but it wasn’t daunted.  The dragon’s guests came in full attire and attitude ready for a party, and ready to show off.  Music filtered in the… Read more →

The Art Show Experience

Thursday, opening day of Dragon Con, expectations and the hopes of fun and frolic run high. As everyone paced the streets to hunt for registration, the art halls were hidden in the merchandise mart, bypassed and ignored, and the artist’s room eagerly waited for the fantasy audience. During the day, no one but the artists’ and stalwart fans wandered the… Read more →

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