Thursday Night Concerts

Winding my way through stormtroopers and swashbucklers in the lobby of the Hyatt as the flag of Cobra waved overhead, it finally hit me: Dragon*Con had begun. And what better way to kick off Dragon*Con than jamming to the Thursday night concerts?

To start Dragon*Con off right, you could either do five triple shots of espresso while chewing on a couple of caffeinated mints, or you could listen to the high energy rock metal of Hazmat. Personally, this reporter suggests the HazMat option. The wall of pounding rhythm, grinding guitar, and driving vocals will give you the energy to keep partying through the other four nights of the Con. And you just haven’t lived until you’ve heard the metal version of the Police’s “Every Breath You Take.”

If metal isn’t quite your speed, then I’d suggest the tongue-firmly-in-cheek, madrigal stylings of Three-Quarter Ale. You know you’re in for a great concert when a band member named Wicked Pete Speakeasy announces: “This is a song about stealing.” Still, the sparkling wit is not the only reason to enjoy the music of Three-Quarter Ale. The 17th century, acoustic soundscapes weaved by the performers are well worth a listen.

Three-Quarter Ale will be playing Fri 4:00pm in the Hyatt Concourse. Don’t miss them!

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