Bad Boys of Buffy and Angel

In this panel we were to have two guest speakers: Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion.  Sadly, Adam couldn’t make it, and sent his regrets.  Nathan played “Caleb,” “the creepy priest” who put out Xander’s eye, and fought Buffy; he had a short-lived roll in the show.  He also starred in Firefly, Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, and played a character in a soap opera.  He had nothing but compliments for the people he worked with and still work for in both Buffy and Angel.

His favorite movies are (and he has several; here are just two) Groundhog Day and Aliens.  Saying, “I could watch Groundhog Day on DVD until it got too hot to play anymore, and I can’t wait for Aliens to come out on DVD.”

In a great mood, and with a smile on his face when he came into the room, he answered each and every question as diligently as he could.  He left as he had come in, with a smile.

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