Heather Eyke

Do Clothes Make the Alien?

Bill Moseley, best known for his movie/acting careers, made an appearance at Dragon*Con.  He said, “I was in a brutal fight scene, and I got distracted because I realized that I had a hole in my pants, and was worried about things being seen on film.” He was in many films such as: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Chop-head, and House… Read more →

Bad Boys of Buffy and Angel

In this panel we were to have two guest speakers: Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion.  Sadly, Adam couldn’t make it, and sent his regrets.  Nathan played “Caleb,” “the creepy priest” who put out Xander’s eye, and fought Buffy; he had a short-lived roll in the show.  He also starred in Firefly, Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, and… Read more →

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Back again for their fifth year, Director Tricia Charrier, along with her daughter and her staff for the Buffy/Angel panels, have returned with a few new recruits. It’s not all fun and games, although they would like for you think so. It is a lot of hard work and co-ordination.  Each and every person on the staff has worked, and… Read more →