Firefly Cast Visits Dragon*Con

If you are a fellow fan of the show Firefly, you are already familiar with Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, and Adam Baldwin. If you’re not familiar with the show (in which case, go now, rent, borrow, or purchase the DVD set, and watch it), they play three members of the crew of the starship Serenity, plying the space-lanes, doing various “crime” in order to stay out from under the thumb of the oppressive Alliance. They stopped by Dragon*Con this year to discuss Firefly, their characters, and to drop a few hints about the new film based on Firefly they just finished filming called Serenity, which will be in theaters April 22, 2005.

Nathan Fillion had three things he wanted to do in his acting career: shoot a gun, get shot, and ride a horse. In the pilot episode of the series Firefly, his character “Cpt. Malcom Reynolds” did all three, and to top it off, he shot a horse, too! His new goal: get shot by a horse. It was not revealed whether this goal would be achieved in Serenity.

Adam Baldwin said he had been too young to appreciate the genius of producer/director/writer Stanley Kubrick when he played the role “Animal Mother” in the film Full Metal Jacket. But, that experience had helped him appreciate working with Firefly creator and all around genius Joss Whedon as he played the role of “Jayne Cobb” on the show. He also thrilled the crowd with his stirring rendition of the song The Man They Call Jayne, from the episode “Jaynestown.”

Jewel Staite, “Kaylee,” demurred when asked whether she had finally kissed Sean Maher, who played the doctor on the show, in the film, leaving us all on pins and needles until next April. She did, however, use her water glass to demonstrate the events surrounding her sudden discovery that the set of the starship Serenity had been placed on gimbals. There was much spillage.

As great as these actors are individually, it has to be said that they are amazing when together. What they have together surpasses mere chemistry and could better be called alchemy. It was evident in the show, and it was evident in the panel. If you ever get a chance to see them, go. You won’t regret it.

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