Of Schoolgirls and Hell-Spawn

OK, so, what do Catholic schoolgirls and hell-spawn have in common? Well, besides plaid skirts?  Why, Thursday night at Dragon*Con, of course!

Where else in the world (or beyond it) could you listen to classic Van Halen wail from the Catholic schoolgirl-dressed guitarist of the band McFly, and then walk a few dozen yards to catch the band Helltrash pound and grind, dark and hard, straight through your eardrums and deep into your brain?

It’s enough to (queue obligatory Star Trek reference) wish you could be split into two people by some terrible, yet in this case fortuitous, transporter accident. Sure, being split into a good half and a bad half would eventually cause you some inconvenience, but it would be worth it to be able to catch both of these great bands at the same time.

Don’t miss the other fantastic concerts at the convention!

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