The Tribe Comes to Dragon*Con – Again!

Members of the cast of the New Zealand-based show, The Tribe, have come to Dragon*Con for the Second Annual North American Tribal Gathering. This year’s guests are Danny James, Matt Robinson and Victoria Spence, all of who are members of the cast of The Tribe.

Produced by Cloud 9 and now in its fifth season, it is the story of a world without adults, where the children and teens have banded together in groups, or tribes. Each tribe has its own unique facial markings and fashion, making it easy to tell who belongs and who does not. The show initially followed the adventures of one particular tribe called the Mallrats and their efforts to survive in a world full of hostile gangs, and without food or power.

Danny James, who plays the uber-villian “Zoot,” was one of the first people to be in the cast. After his character was killed, he moved to working with the crew of The Tribe and has continued to stay active with the show. Victoria Spence, who plays “Salene,” has also been with the cast since the first season. Still active on The Tribe, Victoria also acts on Atlantis High, which is another television show from Cloud 9, and she contributed to the Tribe CD, Abe Messiah. Matt Robinson, who plays the rebel leader “Slade,” is the newest of the three actors, having just joined the show in the fifth season. In addition to his Tribe acting duties, Matt finds time for stage acting as well as playing with his band, Last Picture Show.

Last year’s fan reaction to the North American Tribal Gathering took both Dragon*Con and Cloud 9 by surprise. The fans were vocal and generous with their support, and this year they were even more enthusiastic. Multiple fan groups, including the largest group in North America, are all in attendance this year. They are helping Dragon*Con to give our guests the warmest greeting possible.

The Tribe is produced by Cloud 9 Television, New Zealand and is distributed domestically through WAM. For more information about The Tribe, please visit For more information about The North American Tribal Gathering, please visit

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