Welcome to the Hellmouth

Back again for their fifth year, Director Tricia Charrier, along with her daughter and her staff for the Buffy/Angel panels, have returned with a few new recruits. It’s not all fun and games, although they would like for you think so. It is a lot of hard work and co-ordination.  Each and every person on the staff has worked, and is still working, hard to make this year better then ever before.  Unfortunately, a few guests have canceled this year, and they send their regrets to all.

The panel “Welcome to the Hellmouth” was an introduction (mini-preview) to most of the panels for Buffy/Angel that will be going on this year. Such as: “Making Buffy/Angel Music Videos,” “What’s my line,” and “Buffy Speed Dating.”  “Making Buffy/Angel music videos” can/will entice you to find out how to make your own music video for your favorite episodes with the right music.  “What’s my line” is a track about the actors’ lines in the Buffy/Angel episodes.  “Buffy speed dating” is about how to get a date in a short amount of time.

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