Buffy Horror Big Whedonverse Draw

Two crammed-full houses sang and cheered along with Friday night’s “Buffy Horror Picture Show” performances. The fan-favorite showings of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, “Once More, With Feeling,” featured volunteer cast members in costume performing roles both major and minor.

At 9:30PM, a half hour before the first show time, the line stretched from the International Ballrooms outside the Hyatt, down the block, and around the corner—a common occurrence this weekend. During seating, a spontaneous round of applause erupted for Anne Davenport of Panama City, Florida, and her handmade Angel puppet.

In the first show, immediately after the mustard-free interlude, the projector gave out during Tara’s (Eva) love song to Willow (Suzie), sending techs scurrying to reboot. Of course, the show went on, with the audience still treated to the song’s closing love scene—complete with discreet coverage provided by a handy cue card (wielded by Sunnydale Cheerleader/card holder Sara T).

Perhaps the audience’s loudest welcome was for Spike’s (Ziggy) grand entrance, but dancing demon Sweet (Brian E.) also received several rounds of cheers for his gleefully dark performance. Anya (Terry) garnered huge applause for her mini tour de force on the horrors of bunnies. Extras helped bring the funny as they stood in for demons, weapons, a pommel horse, and even a punching bag.

Cast (10PM/11:30PM): Buffy, Sabrina/Skitty; Spike, Ziggy/Justin W.; Willow, Suzie/Val; Tara, Eva/Jennifer B.; Anya, Terry/Becky; Xander, Chad/Ryan K.; Giles, JarJar/Ken S.; Dawn, Meg/Nicole; Sweet, Brian E./David Meadows; Mustard Guy, Ryan B./Martin A.; Parking Ticket Lady, Becky/Tricia; Minions, Ryan K., Anthony, Ken S./Suzie, Bethany, Melanie; Extras, Bethany, Kat, Summer, Katie, Sarah/Stephanie G., Kat, Kim, Raegan, Melanie. Sara T. served as Sunnydale Cheerleader/card holder for both shows.

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Shae Connor is a scientific editor with a Big Government Agency in Atlanta. Despite a fairly average upbringing, she jumped into fandom with both feet two and a half decades ago, thanks to The X-Files, and has spent much too much time writing fanfic and doling out heaping servings of Machete!Beta upon request. She’s also been known to hang around Star Wars, Star Trek, and all sorts of other strange worlds. In her copious spare time, she's a multipublished author of romance fiction. Check out her work at http://shaeconnorwrites.com.

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