Cogs, Gears, and Music: The Extraordinary Contraptions

A mad genius, a time traveler, a lawman, and a gentleman explorer; this combination could only mean that The Extraordinary Contraptions had hit the stage to start the show. Each member of the group came on stage with their own introductions and back stories. If you love steampunk, a good show, or both, then the Centennial Ballroom in the Hyatt was the place to be.

The performance began with such enthusiasm that I was instantly hooked.  The playful indie rock infected the entire crowd, which was dancing, cheering, and waving glow sticks. The band’s stage presence and showmanship was a highlight of the show, contributing to the crowd’s energy.  

If you missed the performance Thursday night, you can catch The Extraordinary Contraptions on Sun 4PM, Concourse (Hy) .

Author of the article

Joe Church returns for his second Dragon Con this year. With interests from art to science and everything in between, he hopes to contribute some cool articles to the Daily Dragon.