Bonaventure Quartet Concert Inspires Ballroom Dancing

The Bonaventure Quartet offered a dynamic performance on Sunday at 4PM in the Hyatt Concourse. This group, which identifies as a “double quartet” because of the total number of performers, plays music in Big Band style with lyrics for a modern and non-standard audience. Popular with steampunk enthusiasts, the group attracted a large audience that seemed compelled to move with the music. Couples danced East Coast and West Coast Swing, Polka, Charleston, and even the Tango. One woman’s dance style had a Middle Eastern influence.


According to the group’s website, “Our performances of classic standards, western swing, gypsy jazz and original compositions all fall under the spell of the [the great French gypsy guitarist, Django] Reinhardt influence.” Moviegoers might be familiar with this style featured in Sweet and Lowdown or Chocolat. Overall, the uplifting and unusual songs were well received by those in attendance.

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