Endless Wonder: So Long Warehouse 13

There were tears of laughter and tears of loss at the “WH13: So Long and Thanks for All the Teslas” farewell panel on Monday. Fans were treated to a hilarious gag reel that turned sad for diehard fans contemplating a near future without one of their beloved shows.

One of the most interesting questions of the morning was what personal item of theirs could become an artifact in the warehouse and why? All of the women in the audience agreed when Genelle Williams said: heels that mysteriously feel like flats. Writer Deric A. Hughes, after being at Dragon Con, said: cell phone that would magically have a signal anywhere.

Another pressing question was what is in store next for their careers? Eddie McClintock said he just wrapped on the series finale and needed time to let that sink in. He is going to spend some time being a father to his two young boys and a husband to his loving wife. Williams can be seen in the upcoming television series Bitten and might have another show in the works. Hughes and his writing partner Benjamin Raab are in the process of creating a new project that they are both very passionate about.

Questions we may never have an answer to: what artifact is Artie’s bag? And how does Mrs. Frederic do it? The only ones who know the answers to those questions are Saul Rubinek, who came up with the magic bag premise, and CCH Pounder, who wants Mrs. F. to stay a mystery.

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