Trapped On A Desert Island? Which Fandom Would You Want There with You?

The last day of Dragon Con is always bittersweet as the con starts winding down and everyone from fans to guests starts to head home. We decided to take one last swing through the autograph room and took the opportunity to ask some of our favorite actors one last question:

If you were stranded on a desert island, which fandom would you want to be trapped with?

We switched up the fandoms each time.

Daily Dragon to John de Lancie: Star Trek fans or My Little Pony fans?

JdL: I’m not so sure there’s that much difference, frankly. I know Star Trek better than I know My Little Pony. I have a place in my heart for both. It’s a tough question! I imagine with Star Trek fans we might end up talking about science a lot. And Pony fans might be asking me…

DD: Which you like better, Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie?

JdL: Right! For which I wouldn’t have an answer. [laughs]

DD to Christopher Judge: Star Trek fans or Stargate fans?

CJ: I gotta go with my Stargate people! They’ve been with us for 16 years now and I know they’re not going anywhere, so I’ll hang with them.

DD to Marina Sirtis: Star Trek fans or Gargoyles fans?

MS: Star Trek fans. I’m not a big animation fan, so I don’t understand being obsessed with a cartoon character. I can understand being obsessed with a real person.

DD: So you’d rather hang out with people obsessed with a real person?

MS: Yes.

DD to Garrett Wang: Voyager fans or Deep Space Nine fans?

GW: Voyager fans. I’m on Voyager, so it would be better for me! Well, can I get half to be DS9 and half Voyager? I’ll take that.

DD to Phil LaMarr: Futurama fans or Justice League fans or Foster’s fans? Futurama, Justice League, etc.

PL: I would want to be trapped with a fandom that I’m into. So either comic book people or Buffy people.

DD to Brent Spiner: Star Trek fans or Gargoyles fans?

BS: Is there any chance I could be there with Laura Vandervoort? I’d prefer that, if I could.

DD to Ernie Hudson:  Oz fans or Ghostbusters fans?

EH: Ghostbusters. Those fans are, at heart, kids who are afraid of the dark and afraid of ghosts. Oz fans are the ghosts that they’re afraid of! I’d choose to be with the ones who still believe in magic. Oz fans are great, too, but that’s a whole other world—a different island! And they’re doin’ things on that island that I don’t wanna be doin’…

Thanks to Ms. Sirtis and Messieurs de Lancie, Judge, Wang, LaMarr, and Hudson for their time and to all the celebrity guests for coming to Dragon Con. See you again soon!

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