Speedy Registration Hints and Tips

All prepaid memberships, i.e., memberships paid for before the convention, will be available in the Capitol Ballroom at the Sheraton.

  • Dragon Con will be using barcodes once again to speed up the registration process for 2014. Those of you who have purchased your memberships in advance will receive (or have received already) a postcard with a barcode on the mailing label. Postcards are being mailed out daily. If you haven’t received yours yet and think you should have, (email Chip) chip (at) dragoncon (dot) org at the Dragon Con office.
  • Please bring that postcard (with the mailing label intact and legible) and a valid government-issued photo ID with you to the registration area at the convention. Forgetting to bring the postcard or your valid government-issued ID will slow down your registration process.
  • To be able to pick up someone else’s Dragon Con membership badge, you need a copy of their government-issued photo ID, their barcoded confirmation postcard, and a signed permission slip from that person which reads something to the effect of: “I, Sally Fangirl, give my permission to John Fanboy to pick up my badge.”

If you have questions or concerns about presales for Dragon Con, please contact the Dragon Con Office directly or call the office during business hours Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM (EST) at 404-669-0773.

For those of you who are paying onsite, you can shorten your time in line as well.

  • Click here to fill out and submit the onsite registration QR code generator form. It will generate a PDF file with a QR code for you to print and bring to the onsite registration area at the convention. This form is not connected to any database, it is merely a utility for printing your own QR code. The QR code will contain all your demographic information, mildly encrypted and base64 encoded.
  • As always, you will need to have a valid government-issued photo ID with you as well to complete the onsite registration process.
  • After you’ve arrived onsite and gone through the registration cashier line, there will be a special line at data entry for those of you who have this PDF printout to speed up your registration process.

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