Lost Girl: My Little Ponies with The Morrigan

Photo by Greg Mooney
Photo by Greg Mooney

From the sweetness of Kenzi to the wisdom of Trick to the malicious Morrigan, some of our favorite Lost Girl actors answered questions in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom on Sunday morning.

Emmanuelle Vaugier, the evil Morrigan, surprised fans by bringing a mini Pinkie Pie My Little Pony to the panel. Even more of a shocker, Vaugier cosplayed as a My Little Pony on Saturday. Another astonishing bombshell was how excited Rick Howland was when wardrobe declared it was time for Trick to wear leather pants. The excitement only lasted for about five minutes after said leather pants were worn on a warmer day.

Let’s face it, sometimes celebrity guests are asked bizarre questions. When asked what the weirdest question the guests had ever gotten was, Ksenia Solo had the most epic response: she was asked what her favorite cleaning product is. “You’re kidding me right? No.” In case you found this question intriguing, her favorite cleaning product is Windex, and, of course, paper towels because you can’t love Windex without paper towels.

Another Fae-tastic question was which aspect of your character is most like your own personality? A tough one for Vaugier, she ultimately said that lurking deep, deep, deep down in The Morrigan is a sweet, vulnerable human part. Howland and Solo most related to their respective character’s caring natures and family values.

One of the more hysterical stories revolved around Solo’s angel debacle. She recalled how excited she was to fulfill her dream of being a Victoria’s Secret angel. The feeling was fleeting. As soon as she walked on set, her wings proceeded to poke all of the extras in the eye.

With the show going into the final season, one attendee asked, “What would you like to have as an ending for your character?” Howland succinctly stated that Trick would be revealed as Hugh Hefner. Solo would like to find Kenzi in Hell, making it a better place. Vaugier thinks that it would be awesome to see The Morrigan and Vex married because they always secretly loved each other. Sharing shoes and leather thongs would be a given.

Ending on a sentimental note, the panel discussed their most memorable fan moments. Howland was standing outside a New York building, and a cop walks up and says, “You’re Trick on Lost Girl.” Howland replied, “Yes, you’re not going to arrest me, are you?” After taking a picture together, the cop walked away with a huge smile on his face. Jay Firestone’s son witnessed the entire exchanged and asked, “What’s it like to make someone that excited?”

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