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After seven seasons, the iconic HBO series True Blood has come to a conclusion. Still fresh from the airing of the finale, Nelsan Ellis, Michael McMillian, and Kristin Bauer discussed the impact the show has had on them on Saturday in the Hyatt Centennial II-III.

One of the first questions asked was how much the writers changed the character to fit the actor’s personality. McMillian was quick to jump on the question stating that when Steve Newlin came back as a vampire, Newlin was more like his humor and personality. Bauer said that while she never changed her lines, Ellis was the king of changes and adding words. Ellis responded that the writers did change Lafayette’s personality to reflect his laid back attitude.

Another great question was that, after playing such iconic characters, where do you go from here? They all agreed that when you are playing the character, you don’t consider your role as iconic. Going forward, as actors, they always hope that the next role will be epic.

Fan reactions to meeting their favorite characters are always an interesting topic. The panel discussed the various things fans say and do upon meeting them. Ellis said that women come up to him and say: “if you’re gay, I want to turn you.” Poor McMillian quickly jumped in and said “I played a gay character, and women never come up to me and ask to turn me!” He even had a great follow-up line: “You can turn me, and I’ll turn you on.” For McMillian, he’s never been more hated. “(They) say ‘I hate you, and I hate your character.’ Can’t you pick just one? Both sides of me are offended.”

Being a vampire isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Both Bauer and McMillian agreed that the pale make-up applied to make them look undead also made them seem older, fatter, and shorter. #VampireProblems

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