2017 Daily Dragon Articles

Here’s an index of all the news, information, interviews, and articles we published for Dragon Con 2017! Panels/Events [catlist id=290 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] Interviews [catlist id=291 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] Contests/Awards [catlist id=292 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1] News/Information [catlist id=289 orderby=date order=desc numberposts=-1]

He Said, She Said

The authors in the “He Said, She Said” panel held on Friday at 7PM in the Hyatt Embassy C–D discussed the art of dialogue in writing. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, John D. Ringo, Gail Z. Martin, Katherine Kurtz, Bill Fawcett, and A.J. Hartley were on hand to give tips and pointers regarding how to write dialogue. The first point the panel… Read more →

2017 Star Wars Costume Contest Winners

2017 Star Wars Costume Contest Winners

Youngling: Toby Raveuscraft, Ventor Modima Jedi & Sith: Destiny Thomson, Darth Zannah Jedi Master/Grand Champion: Andy Hilton, Obi-Wan Armored Costume: Diana Engelhardt, Ianew Sefet Infinities: Daniel Piotrowki, Darth Bender Judges Choice: Christine Cannon, La’Ru Face Characters: Vivian Hauck, Doctor Aphra Group: Hannah and Sarah Ashley, Fantasy Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma  

Creativity 101 Offers Strategies for Writers

A panel of Nancy Knight, moderator, Janny Wurts, Lucienne Diver, David Mcinnes Gill, Kim Harrison, and Ali Fisher brainstormed about ways that writers can keep their creativity levels high. Before moving on to possible strategies, Fisher and Ali agreed that voice, that unique lens of telling a story as no one else could, is the single most important thing they… Read more →

How to Be a Muscle Nerd: No Muscle Suit Needed

Ever wanted to up your cosplay game by looking more like you favorite character, or do you have fitness goals you want to meet before Dragon Con 2018? Fitness enthusiasts and cosplayers Victor DelCampo, Damaris Degan, James Elmer, and Joe Miksan shared their best fitness tips for achieving the goals you want in the Hilton 302–305 on Saturday at 11:30… Read more →

Strong Women of Dragon Con

Strong Women of Dragon Con

Perceptions change, attitudes change, and the idea of a strong woman is beginning to evolve from a chick in armor so skimpy it wouldn’t protect a flea to a woman who is not afraid to be herself. Take a hint, fellas. We are NOT all the same. Sure, some women are tough and scrappy and wouldn’t shy away from a… Read more →

Star Trek: An Ever-Expanding Universe

The penultimate panel of Trek Track at Dragon Con 2017, which convened in Hilton Galleria 2–3 Monday afternoon, featured Keith R.A. DeCandido. The author of over two dozen novels plus a number of novellas, short stories, eBooks and comics, DeCandido offered his insights into a more than 50-year-old universe that continues to expand. DeCandido began by pointing out that the… Read more →