’21 Panels/Events

Jump In: An Easy Entry into Star Wars

Star Wars at Dragon Con launched their 2021 virtual programming on Dragon Con TV’s Main Channel 2 Thursday evening when track director Brandy Roatsey welcomed Daniel Eisenhauer, Alex Damon (@StarWarsExplain), Myles Willis, and Bria LaVorgna (@chaosbria) to answer the question “how does one enter the world of Star Wars?”   The panel agreed that anyone interested in the franchise should enter… Read more →

Author/Physicist Les Johnson Champions Solar Sails

Author/Physicist Les Johnson Champions Solar Sails

Science fact and fiction author Les Johnson made the case at Dragon Con for solar sail development for otherwise inaccessible solar research, interstellar flight, and potential planetary protection. Speaking from a virtual platform in the Science track (Friday at 11AM), Johnson presented “Solar Sails: Using Sunlight to Explore the Solar System and Beyond.”  Presenting as an author of science fiction… Read more →

It’s Alive! But is it Scary?

Doc Frankenstein knew what he was doing. Body parts, check. Sturdy thread, check. Giant lightning rod, check. Et violà! One of the scariest monsters ever. Except Frankenstein’s monster wasn’t created by some mad scientist with far more knowledge than common sense but by the imagination of author Mary Shelley. So what does it take to create a monster that’ll send… Read more →

Werehippos and Werefruitflies and Poop Cubes, Oh My

Come on. Admit it. You’ve wondered how a werebananaslug, werekangaroo, or werepossum would work. Scientists Mohamed Noor, Emily A. Finke, and Leighann Lord along with comedian Lali DeRosier talked about the science of making werecreatures Sunday in Hilton 209–211 at 4PM. Wanna be a werebug? There’s a science-y thing to remember. If you made a fruit fly human-size, it’d collapse… Read more →

Tips & Tricks Every GM Can Use

Rucht Lilavivat, Dragon Con Table Top Gaming Track Director, and Sean Molley joined in a virtual discussion Sunday at 5PM on Dragon Con TV’s Fan Track channel to share tips every game master can use. Both have won the Dragon Con Top Game Master Award before and collectively have more than sixty years of gaming experience. They began with a… Read more →

Solar Astronomy—LIVE!

The brightest light in our lives, the sun, doesn’t get enough respect. A program designed to give the sun proper attention ran weekend-long, Friday through Sunday, on the outside deck of the Hilton. The weather was perfect for this program, all weekend long. This year, the sun seems to be more active than in recent years. Participants received special viewing… Read more →

Belly Dance Moves You

People are usually seeking a different way to exercise, and at 11:30AM on Sunday in Hilton 404-405 instructor Alya Almee offered us a new idea. Belly dancing is an inexpensive way to tone the body and increase your cardio with just one tool – you. This class combined isolation body movements with traveling steps set to music. Almee broke everything… Read more →