’03 D*C News

W. Australian Fan Journeys to Dragon*Con

Kim Campbell of Perth, Australia, traveled halfway around the world to attend Dragon*Con. 24 hours of flight time took her through Auckland, New Zealand, Los Angeles, and Chicago before arriving in Atlanta. “I was told that Dragon*Con was the con to come to, ” Campbell explained, confirming Dragon*Con’s worldwide reputation. Asked what her favorite thing about the con was so… Read more →

Heinlein Society Blood Drive Adds Monday Hours

Not all the vampires collecting blood at Dragon*Con wear black and have alabaster skin and ruby-red lips. The Heinlein Society, assisted by LifeSouth of Atlanta, is sponsoring a blood drive at Dragon*Con located in the Yukon/McKenzie/Rio at the Marriott. Originally scheduled only for Sat 10am-4pm and Sun 10am-2pm, due to donor demand, the drive will continue on Monday from 10am… Read more →

Taking a Chance at Dragon*Con

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer track at Dragon*Con will boast quite a turnout of celebrity guests this year.  Welcoming back Andrew Hallett (“Lorne”), Dragon*Con is very pleased to add James Marsters (“Spike”), James Leary (“Clem”), Iyari Limon (“Kennedy”), and Danny Strong (“Jonathan”) to our convention line-up.  Enough to satisfy most ravening Buffy fans at Dragon*Con, doncha think? But wait, there’s… Read more →