’03 Guests

Q&A with James Marsters

“A New Man: James Marsters” was standing room only in the Centennial II/III Friday afternoon. Marsters (“Spike” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel) appeared relaxed in blue jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. He was charming, unpretentious, and, oh my goodness, buff (with or without the “y”). We learned Marsters’ favorite color: green–“the color of mother earth”; lollipop flavor: Tootsie Roll red… Read more →

An Hour With Walter Koenig

Among all fandom and its variations, perhaps none are more ardent than Trekkies. While trends come and go, Trek fans continue to fill convention sites, and never seem to tire of hearing about the show. Witness the capacity crowd for “An Hour with Walter Koenig” on Friday. Better, and perhaps eternally, known as Chekov from the original series, Koenig continues… Read more →

Todd McCaffrey’s View of Pern

Oh, to be Todd McCaffrey! His mother, renowned author Anne McCaffrey, is letting him play in Pern. But this hasn’t been as easy for him as it might seem. “If I go play with my mother’s characters, she’ll kill me,” he joked, adding that they decided he needed to come up with his own characters and then tell their stories…. Read more →