’07 BSG


Margaret Weis Games premiered the Battlestar Galactica role-playing game at Dragon*Con this year, selling the book before the public release. Based on the “re-imagined” Battlestar on the Sci-Fi Channel, the show has established a fanatic following that prizes the “new” BSG for tightly-woven character and event-based plotting, as well as a lack of technical information.

Two Apollos, a Chief, and a Battlestar

Two Apollos, a Chief, and a Battlestar

On Saturday at 11:30, the actors from Battlestar Galactica took center stage in the Regency Ballroom for a lively discussion typical of the GQ’s from BSG. Aaron Douglas, Richard Hatch, and Jamie Bamber fired innuendos and complements like ordinance out of a viper. Douglas confirmed that his last-minute visit to Dragon*Con had been influenced by his fans’ email campaign to… Read more →

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