An Interview with Jean Marie Ward

Author and interviewer Jean Marie Ward is a frequent guest at Dragon Con, appearing on panels covering a wide range of topics.  She sat down with the Daily Dragon to discuss her varied interests. Daily Dragon (DD): You’ve published numerous short stories.  What do you find most challenging and most rewarded about writing short fiction? Jean Marie Ward (JMW):  The… Read more →

Past, Present, and Patriotism: An Adam Baldwin Interview

Past, Present, and Patriotism: An Adam Baldwin Interview

“Quiet on the set! … We’re doing an interview here!” From start to finish, this Daily Dragon reporter’s interview with Adam Baldwin was full of laughs and poignant moments. Baldwin is best known to sci-fi fans as badass mercenary Jayne Cobb in Firefly and angry Colonel John Casey in Chuck. He can currently be seen on TNT’s new hit sci-fi… Read more →

An Hour with the Stargate Cast

The “Supergate: Beyond the Gate” (Stargate Multiverse, Sunday, 2:30 PM, Hyatt Centennial II and III) panel started out on a humorous note that persisted through the hour.  Moderator Karen Smith Henson asked the actors, Peter Williams, Ona Grauer, Joe Flanigan, David Blue, and Alexis Cruz, to tell the audience about their first acting jobs, amateur or professional. Cruz responded first,… Read more →

The Crossed Swords Dunk for ALS

Dragon Con regulars Nicole Harsch and Mike Sakuta, better known as The Crossed Swords, brought their blend of swordplay, humor, and education back to Hyatt Regency V on Saturday at 11:30AM. This year, however, they introduced a new element, their version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They opened the program by explaining that they would accept the challenge by… Read more →

Gilded Dragonfly Introduces James Hugh Reeves

Gilded Dragonfly Introduces James Hugh Reeves

James Hugh Reeves is an exciting new author on the scene with the Gilded Dragonfly. In celebration of his success, there was a launch party in Embassy D-F (H) Thursday at 7PM. His new fantasy book, The Extraordinary Adventures of Ultra-Chick and the Rabid Wolf! comes out this week. This middle-school reader centers on Ultra Chick, the unlikely heroine that… Read more →

The Grim Side of History

A panel titled “Who Needs Dystopias When You Have History?” (Alternate History, Westin Augusta 3, Saturday, 10PM) doesn’t promise an hour of sweetness and light, and the program fit its name. Panelists David B. Jackson (aka David Coe), Jean Marie Ward (moderator) Katherine Kurtz, Kathryn Hinds, Gail Z. Martin, and A.J. Hartley gave the room a factual discussion that punctured… Read more →

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