Author of the article

In "real life" Kris Eshleman is a perfectionistic conservation picture framer, handling all kinds of art work.  In her home she's known as Mama, Wife, and "Oh, that crazy chick."  ;)  In fandom, she's still known as "that crazy chick."

Her first fanfic was for the X-Files, but Kris has always been a sci-fi/fantasy nerd.  She places the blame squarely on her older brother's super-geek shoulders.  Kris didn't join fandom until The Invisible Man shoomed onto the small screen in June of 2000, and has been a loyal geeky fan ever since (ask her about the ouroboros tattoo!).  She joined a group of particularly talented and devoted fans to edit, co-write, and create art for The Invisible Man Virtual Seasons, and had even found time to pay attention to her loving family in between writing fanfiction & creating PhotoShop art.

Now Kris goes to the D*Con convention every year and practices her belly-dancing while framing art for her shop's D.C. clientele.

Authors adored include: Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Ursula le Guin, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne McCaffrey, Spider Robinson, and Patricia Briggs.