tlhIngan maH! (We Are Klingon!)

Deena Roth and Tommy Byrd  amazed Dragon Con last year with their fan video Last Dragon Con (catch it on DCTV!)

The video was shot almost entirely on location at Dragon Con 2010, and the production quality is just unbelievable.

It all started with Deena playing with the lyrics, and coming up with the song. After recording the audio in a studio in Nashville, she was going to just wander around Con and shoot the footage all on her cell phone. Fortunately for all of us, she asked Tommy for some help, and he offered to shoot it for her. Hours of footage and edition later, Last Dragon Con premiered on DC*TV for our enduring enjoyment.

This year, Deena and Tommy produced a new gem for us, We Are Klingon. A “Die Young” parody, Deena teams up with some fellow Klingons to demonstrate their Klingonosity (Yes, it’s a real word! If you disagree, take it up with them!)

Deena moved down to Atlanta earlier this year after a fire left her feeling rather unloved in Nashville. She started looking around for ideas for the next video, and discovered that Tommy had moved down to Atlanta as well. This led to much happiness, and they again decided to collaborate.

With Deena coming up with the lyrics, and Tommy handling the tech, they scouted locations and came up with a lovely old building just inside the Atlanta perimeter. The building has a rich and varied history. Located next to a train line, the building has been used as everything from a general store to a brothel.

It is currently being restored into a Southern-styled restaurant, with the stripped down shell creating a the fantastic location you see in the video.

To Tommy and Deena (Now, think Bon Jovi–You’re welcome to that earworm!), QA TLHO’, majQa’ and Qapla’ batlh je.

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After a lifetime of science fiction and fantasy influences, the last twenty of which have been spent in IT, Geoff Termorshuizen is applying for his Ph.D. in Strategic Security after finishing a B.A in Political Science and M.Sc.'s in Cyber Security and MIS. He currently works as a technical consultant for ACI Worldwide, supporting security and financial payment systems. You can find him at Con either at the the DailyDragon room, or via the EFF track where he has presented panels on digital forensics, privacy, cyberwar, surveillance and technology related politics.