Folding Paper into Art: Origami for Beginners

Down in the basement of the Hyatt in Baker Sunday at 5:30PM was the workshop on beginning origami. Malachi Brown and Amanda Bouffier were the panelists, and patient helpers, for this standing-room-only class.

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding and transforming paper into sculpture. There was no experience required to attend this panel, which made it so fun. All of the participants created a jumping frog, a Masu box, a boat, a fish, and a book.

The panelists also had models of more complicated modular origami. This is a technique using several pieces of paper interconnected. There was a long snake about four feet long that consisted of over 200 pieces of origami paper Malachi made a few years ago. There was also a polyhedral that could be used in a science class. Earlier in the day, there was a separate class on how to make a Pikachu. There are so many projects you can make with Origami.

The Silk Road Track did have several classes of various levels of expertise on origami. It was a rewarding time and you were able to keep what you made. It was a great way to have a memento from Dragon Con.

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