2017 Dragon Con Art Show Awards

The winners of the 2017 Dragon Con Art Show were announced Saturday night. Awards were given in three categories—attendee awards, voted on by convention attendees, “Fantastic Beasts!!”, and juried awards, as well as best in show.

Attendee Awards

Best Alien: Stan Morrison, The Magician

Best Amazon: Bernard Lee, Coronation

Best Dragon: Naomi Vandoren, The Albino Fox Dragon

Best Horror: Paul Bielaczyc, Just Your Imagination

Best Fairy: Joseph Corsentino, Nyx

Best Spaceship or Spacescene: Amanda Makepeace, War for Jupiter

Best Warrior: Stan Morrison, St. George and the Dragon

Most Humorous: Lisa Sell, “And You Think Your Cat was Bad!”

“Fantastic Beasts!!”

Third Place: Brenda Lyons, Suitcase of Wonders

Second Place: David Lee Pancake, Failed Mimic—Do I look like a suitcase now?

First Place: Valerie McGreevy, Fantastic Box

Juried Awards

Best 2-D: Erika Taguchi-Newton, Shallow Waters

Best 3-D: Joseph Gubocki, Piece #30

Best Black & White: Julie Wilmore, Hone Claws

Photo by Rendy Tendean
Photo by Rendy Tendean

Best Jewelry Art: Helen Rule, Niobium Victorian Collar

Best Mixed Media: Aedan C. Roberts, TinterTanter

Best Photography: Joseph Corsentino, Nyx

Best Textile or Fiber: Daniel French, Tooled Leather Backpack

Best Doll: Sarah B. Seiter, Wonderling—BJD

Third Place: Amanda Coronado, Giant Flower

Second Place: Tran Nguyen, Traveling to a Distance Day

First Place: Mark Roland, The Tower

Best In Show: Cory Godbey, Whence

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