2019 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

Best Nostalgia: Laura St. Peter, Bob Ross/Marriott Carpet

Best Element: Katrina Ford, Water and Earth Elementals

Best Doctor Who: Cassandra Munro, Novice Hame

Best Young Group: Kathryn Morris, Bast Egyptian Goddesses

Best Monty Python: Steve Fowler, THE Black Knight

Best Marvel: Andrea Peterson, Iron Man

Best Heroine: Kelly Moore, River Song (Doctor Who)

Best Reanimation: Shelby Fernatt, Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Best Harry Potter: Jo Sharpton, Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter series)

Best ’80s: Lisa Blotsky, Suzie-Poo (Stranger Things)

Best Disney: Jennifer Carter, Maleficent

Best Young Superhero: Lauren Stewart, Wonder Woman

Best Podcast: Caitlin Marsh, Keyleth

Best Sci Fi: Cera Olson, Weeping Angel(Doctor Who)

Cutest Couple: Owen and Eerin Smith, Dusty and Suzie-Poo (Stranger Things)

Best Large Group: Jamie Taylor, SPACEFORCE!

Doppleganger Award: Kilm Brown, Dr. House

Best Comedy: Eve Gidion, Lucy and Ethel

Best Cartoon: Angela Jones, Captain Caveman

Cutest Insect Pair: Nina Broocks, Mothra Twins

Best in Show: Rebecca Burris, Capunzel

Honorable Mentions:

Rah Benton, Baby Thirteenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

Chloe Galloway, Eleven

Brandy Clark/Candy, Invader Zim

Family Double Dare

Darwin Harn-Dailey, Revenant of God of War

Winry Hughes, Starfire

Zoe Schiffer, Stratus

Gracie Palmer, Raven

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