Near-Death Experiences in D&D Open Play

Photo by Brandilyn Carpenter

What happens when a tavern is being vandalized by ruffians? Gale, Huddle, Ignis, Lar, Marcus, and Zilva set out to find those vandals and put a stop to them on Saturday at 3PM in the D&D Open Play area of AmericasMart Building 1.

Dungeon Master James Armstrong ran the DDEX 2-1-3 adventure, better known as The City of Danger. This is one of the first level adventures designed for new players to be introduced to the Adventurer’s League style of play.

Adventurer’s League is the standardized play Wizards of the Coast has established for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It allows players to create a character and play it at various events without problems. Players are able to use a log sheet that keeps track of their adventures and lets you level up your character.

In our adventure, we visited a tavern that was vandalized only to find a gnome in the basement that fell into a very deep hole. The adventurers went after her facing numerous traps, monsters, and other near death experiences resulting in a fun, two-hour adventure.

If you’ve never played Adventurer’s League, or Dungeons and Dragons in general, do yourself a favor and get over to AmericasMart Building 1 and try it out. Or if Adventurer’s League isn’t your thing, there are numerous other games going on in the building, from Pathfinder and Starfinder to old-school D&D to board games to Magic: The Gathering and other card games plus a whole lot more.

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