20 Years of Harry Dresden

For those that were up early-ish Monday at 10AM, Jim Butcher appeared in the Main Events channel to entertain and inform his fans of what has been going on in his world.

Crispy, the moderator, had questions from the fans. When asked about how he was dealing with the quarantine and the virtual world, Butcher stated that in a lot of ways, it has been more convenient for him. There is no travel, and he can work from home with his wife and animals (who now have their own virtual fame).

Butcher told the fans that his first panel at Dragon Con was a turning point for him. Dragon Con is his favorite Con. It’s his touchstone with the fans. He loves how passionate they are and the costumes they wear. Overall, Butcher feels that social media is a help to an author, but as it is with social media, there will always be detractors.

Avatar is his favorite anime. He loved the story line and feels the finale was well done. There was closure and the closure left the fans with a good sense of completeness.

Butcher has been spending a lot of time reading for pleasure and doing research. He also has recently been playing Darkest Dungeon on his iPad. With a house with Bru the dog and a few cats, he has had a lot of time to play with them. Cats are in Cinder Spires and now he has some, they will definitely be in more of the stories.

Taking a cinematic approach to his writing, Butcher has the pictures in his head and does his best to get them down on paper. This does tend to be challenging. He works hard to convey to the fans what he “sees” to print and hopes that the fans understand the story.

Fans tell him how much his stories, especially the Harry Dresden series, has helped them. His advice is this: “If I helped you, go out and plant seeds to help someone else.”

His latest book, Peace Talks, is currently available. His new book, Battle Grounds, will be out September 29th. He has been busy making sure fans get Harry Dresden stories as fast as he can manage.

He was a gracious and funny person. Fans love to come to his panels, and this one was no exception. Jim Butcher’s panels are ones fans do not want to miss.

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