Creative Marching in the Virtual Parade

The Dragon Con parade is one of the most iconic and anticipated parts of the weekend. But how could we hold a parade deep in the midst of a pandemic? The Dragon Con community is nothing if not creative and resourceful, so our intrepid fans submitted videos and photos of themselves in their best parade costumes for commentary from regular parade hosts Chris Lloyd and Jessica Moss.

It was important to Lloyd and Moss that they did not prepare extensively for the parade ahead of time, getting their notes just before the production started to roll so they could maintain the chaotic feel of the live parade. So even though the hosts had their notes, they hadn’t seen what everything looked like ahead of time. Also, DCTV included crowd background noise and cheering to create the perfect atmosphere. Most of the parade regular groups were represented, including the Klingon Assault Group, Captain America USO Girls, Atlanta Puppetry Guild, and (of course) Cult of the Marriott Carpet.

Since the parade was streaming across multiple platforms, the members could participate as well. There were active chats in the YouTube channel, Facebook, and Discord. As each new costume or group came along, the reactions flew past on the screen. There were characters and costumes from so many franchises represented: the ones you’d expect like Doctor Who, Good Omens, Pokemon, and Jurassic Park followed by a horde of inflatable T-rexes, and the ones you might not expect like LEGO Batman and Suffragette Deadpool.

The moment that I think captured everyone’s hearts came at the end of the parade with The Great Jawa Horde and their dance to their own unique version of Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back.” The song promised that “we’ll be back” and we can’t wait for the parade to be back on the streets of Atlanta.

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