Get Your Meditation on the Geeky Way

Have you ever wanted to commune with the Force? Maybe conjure up your patronus? Perhaps experience the joy of second breakfast without having to prepare any food, all without having to go anywhere? Those of us who joined Alyssa Yeager—better known to many in fandom as Rhiannon’s Lark—for “Geeky Meditations” on Friday afternoon on the Filk track were led through a few short adventures to calm and ground us as we head into a strange Dragon Con year.

For those who are new to meditation, it is quite simple: you sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and breathe. Guided meditation allows you to follow a path, or a story, to give you something to focus on, so your mind doesn’t wander to stressful things. Yeager created a few short stories, one Star Wars, one Harry Potter, and two Lord of the Rings, to fortify those who attended her session for the weekend ahead. Each meditation was brief, but vivid in detail, and evoked a particular feeling—of calm, or strength, or joy—to carry with us throughout the weekend as we left. A brief respite in an otherwise busy schedule and an enjoyable start to the day. If you’ve never tried guided meditations before, Yeager has this set, and more, available to stream for free, and to purchase for download, on her web site. Great for any time you need a quick escape from reality, to breathe, maybe to stretch like a cat in a sun patch, before you forge ahead into the day.

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