The Dragon Prince: Voices and Friends

Voice actors from The Dragon Prince seemed genuinely pleased for a chance to get together during this time of isolation. Racquel Belmonte (Claudia), Jesse Inocalla (Soren), Luc Roderique (King Harrow), and Jason Simpson (Lord Viren) joined moderator Renee Cooper on “The Dragon Prince Voice Cast Panel” Monday at 11:30AM, Main Track channel, for a lively discussion of the series. Although they used to get together to record the shows, which gives them the chance to react to each other, they’re now recording from the safety of their homes. Some of them have even built studios in available rooms (one in a closet). While they miss being together, they’re thankful to be able to continue their work.

Belmonte and Inocalla reminisced about some of their favorite scenes. The first is when Soren is in the hospital. They both admitted to being “very weepy” during that scene. The second is the scene near the end of the third season that has to do with—um—different paths (avoiding spoilers).

It soon became apparent that Belmonte is the comedian of the group, and the others seemed to enjoy teasing her as much as she enjoyed making everyone laugh. And her laugh is so infectious.

Answers to the question of their favorite brown liquid: really good coffee or hot chocolate for Inocalla, Early Grey for Roderique, and a “mugful” of espresso for Belmonte. Not to be outdone, Simpson chose gravy as his favorite, the first time Cooper had ever heard that one for an answer.

When asked about favorite shows they have done, Belmonte chose working with Inocalla on Legends of Chima. Simpson recalled trying for a long time to get a small part on one episode of that show, but his 12-year-old son got a role on his first audition. “He booked it,” Simpson said with pride. Inocalla’s favorite show is always his next one because, like the rest of us, he likes to eat and earn money. It took him eight or nine tries to get a part on My Little Pony. For Roderique, his favorite role was voicing President Obama, and he proceeded to give viewers a terrific imitation.

The actors all love their parts on the show, and they’re pleased that the creators let them give suggestions and try different things. When asked about the nose tap, Belmonte said the writers came up with the gesture, but she came up with the distinctive sound Claudia makes with it. Roderique noted that the writers write what the characters would really do and say in a situation, which gives the series more truth.

Figuring out how to say the spells, Simpson said, was difficult. At first, he had to memorize and say the words backward. After some trial and error, the writers decided he could say the words forward while stressing some things like the S’s to make it sound cool when played in reverse.

Asked about reactions from fans, the panelists agreed that their fans are great. Inocalla thinks the fans are so generous and cool and wonderful. Simpson said it’s a joy to be able to affect and connect with others. Roderique is looking forward to attending his first con and see fans in person. Dragon Con would be a great place to start.

We hope to see you all in 2021!

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