Photo Session: Tahmoh Penikett. Fri 12:50PM, Sat 3:30PM, International Hall South (M).

Photo Session: BSG Full Cast (Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Edward James Olmos, Tahmoh Penikett, Rekha Sharma, Michael Trucco). Fri 12:40PM, International Hall South (M).

“The Other Side of the Table: The Life of a Comics Artist” From moving on to a new comic project to attending conventions and meeting fans, the life of a comics artist is definitely unique. Join Nayr of the StarPodLog & StarPodTrek podcasts as he finds out about what is like making comics for a living. Featuring Joe Corroney, Andy Price, James Pascoe, Stephen Green, and Bill Golliher. Fri 1PM, 204J (Mart2).

Photo Session: Mark Pellegrino. Fri 1:30PM, Sat 1:30PM, International Hall South (M).

Steve Saffel will be on “Official Fan Fiction” Fri 2:30PM, A707 (M).

Concourse Stages: Raspberry Pie. Friday 2:30PM, Overlook (W).

S.M. Stirling will be on “Space Opera” Fri 2:30PM, Embassy AB (Hy); “Let the Controversy Begin…” Fri 8:30PM, Embassy EF (Hy); “Fascinating Ways to Kill off a Character” Fri 10PM, Embassy EF (Hy); “Fightin’ and Writin’” Sat 8:30PM, Embassy EF (Hy); “NYT Bestsellers Tell All” Sun 11:30AM, Regency VI-VII (Hy).

Concourse Stages: Beth Patterson. Fri 4PM, Sat 7PM, Concourse (Hy); Sun 5:30PM, Outlook (W).

Pamela Cole will be on “FNCC Pre-Judging” Fri 5:30PM, A601–A602 (M).

Marisa Wolf will be on “YA & Chill” Fri 7PM, A707 (M); “Favorite YA Tropes & how to use them” Sun 1PM, A707 (M); “What We’re Reading!” Mon 11:30AM, A707 (M).

Courtney Lytle will be on “Legal Challenges (and strategies) for Artists” Sat 1PM, Grand Hall C (Hy).

“Lower Decks Fan Discussion” Set your shuttle to RAMMING SPEED and slam into this fan panel discussing everything Lower Decks! Sat 1PM, Galleria 2-3 (Hil).

Nadia Hilker will be on “The Walking Dead: Q&A” Sat 1PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Concourse Stages: Tom Smith. Sat 1PM, Concourse (Hy).

Jody Lynn Nye will be on “Writers of the Future” Sat 1PM, International North (Hy).

Leanna Renee Hieber and Valerie Willis will be on “Thrills & Chills in YA” Sat 7PM, A707 (M).

“1 on 1 with Dino Andrede” The Man of Many Voices talks about life in Hollywood, raising a son in the family (show) business, & why Star Trek is the proper way to raise a child into geekdom. Sun 11:30AM, Chastain I–J (W).

LH Nicole will be on “Favorite YA Tropes & how to use them” Sun 1PM, A707 (M).

Photo Session: Ty Olsson. Sun 4:40PM, International Hall South (M).

Valentine Wolfe. Mon 1:30AM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Clay Gilbert will be on “Tolkien & King: The Influence of High Fantasy on The Stand” Mon 10AM, L401–403 (M).

Aaron Michael Ritchey will be on “Short Shocks to the System” Mon 11:30AM, Peachtree 1–2 (W).

Timothy Zahn will be on “Thrawn & The Chiss” Mon 1PM, A706 (M).