“Official Fan Fiction” Imagine being paid to contribute to the canon of your favorite world! Some authors have made this dream a reality by writing official tie-in novels, and others still write about their favorite characters unofficially through fanfiction. Let’s talk about both! Fri 2:30PM, A707 (M).

“Seriously, Do Better” Fri 1PM (was Fri 10AM), Augusta E–H (Westin).

“Ten Years of BABYMETAL” After a decade of wildly innovative music & performance fusing heavy metal with their own kawaii take on Japanese culture, BABYMETAL are poised to enter a new era. We’ll talk about what the band are & where they might go next. Fri 2:30 PM, Galleria 8 (Hil).

“Ghost Sex: From Succubi to ‘Demon Sperm’ Doctors” Fri 10PM, 204–207 (Hil).

“The Friday Night DragonFlow Rave!” Sat 2:30AM (was DJP, 3AM), Atrium Ballroom (M).

 “(Virtual) Animation: The Art Life Gospel” (was “(Virtual) Art & Animation Industry Tools”) Sat 9AM, Fan Track Channel (Streaming).

“DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) Update” Sat 2:30PM (was Sat 4PM), 212-214 (Hil).

“Future Missions—What’s Waiting to Launch, Being Built & Awaiting Approval?” Sat 4PM (was Sat 2:30PM), 212-214 (Hil).

 “Designing Video Games” Sat 4PM, Augusta E-H (W) (was Sat 5:30PM, Augusta A–B).

“Get Puppet-ized!” Sat 8:30PM (was Fri 8:30PM), A703 (M).

“Geek Girls Run Post-Race Social” Sun 9:30AM (was Sat 8:30 AM), Techwood (Hy).

Photo Session: Felicia Day. Sun 2:40PM (was 1:20PM), International Hall South (M).

Photo Session: Dominique McElligott. Mon 11AM (was Mon 11:20AM), International Hall South (M).