It’s Only Supernatural

Carol Malcolm moderated the “Supernatural Cast Panel” on Friday at 11:30AM in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom with three actors who played a major role in the TV series Supernatural. Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Samantha Smith (Mary), and Emily Swallow (Amara) populated this panel.  

The first question asked was “What was one thing that you wished would have happened with your character, but didn’t?”  

  • Pellegrino – to be a good father. 
  • Swallow – that there would have been more to her character’s demise. She was absorbed into Chuck and it felt incomplete. 
  • Smith – although she jokingly said “Queen of Heaven” at first, she really didn’t feel that there would have been anything done differently to her character. She loved how the writers made everything complete. 

All three of them have pets, and Pellegrino brought Frankie (his dog) with him on stage. Frankie is 14 years old and travels with him. It was obvious how much he loves his pet. 

Taking off the makeup, especially if prosthetics were involved, was the worst part of the process. The chemicals involved did not smell well, sometimes it hurt, and it took a lot longer to take it off than to put it on. 

This was the first time Swallow has been to Dragon Con, and she would definitely come again. 

The panel was informative and funny. These actors loved the characters they portrayed. They enjoyed working with everyone.  

Pellegrino said it best: “Evil isn’t scary. It can be defeated.” 

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