The Musical Talents of the Georgia Philharmonic

This is the sixth year the Georgia Philharmonic performed at Dragon Con. Each year, therehas always been a level of barely-containedexcitementto theanticipation of thearrangement that will be performed. Each year, we think that it cant get any better. Each year we are wrong. Its always better.   

This year was no exception.     

The Hyatt Centennial II–III was filled tocapacitySaturday night at 7:30PM aspeople waited for the lights to dim and the music to begin.    

The hall was filled with the orchestral renditions of various show and movie themes. The energy the performers put into these musical scores was displayed with skill and dedication to their craft. The two and a half hours flew by. Riveting music, incredible performers, and the energy of Dragon Con makes this one of the major highlights of the Con every year.  

The Georgia Philharmonic is a philharmonic in the truest sense of the word: local musicians uniting and performing out of their love of music. In doing so,theartists create classical music experiences that not only rival those of professional orchestras, but also delight and inspire audience members.  

Enthusiasts become repeat patrons, volunteers, and donors. Serving the communities of northern metropolitan Atlanta with cultural enhancement and education is their goal. Sharingtheirlove and appreciation of fine music istheirpassion.    

Fans of Dragon Con and of this talentedphilharmonic orchestra look forward to a stellar performance again next year.In the meantime, if you live in Atlanta or visit outside of Dragon Con, you should check out their other performances. Their web site is, for all of their upcoming dates.   

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