2023 Hallway Costume Contest Winners

Best Overall: Debra Robey, Rosie the Robot, The Jetsons

Best Overall 2nd: Patric Good, Liberace, Liberace

Best Overall 3rd: Jen Richards, Commander Shepard, Mass Effect

Best Disney: Kim Crowson, Madame Dreamfinder and Figment, Disney Parks

Best Couple: Kristie Nelson, Jay, Bowser, and Bowsette, Super Mario Bros.

Best Movie: Becky Tripp, Disguised E.T., E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Best Fantasy: Ratchel Elder, Arietta of the Faewild, Dungeons & Dragons (original character)

Best Game: Elizabeth Kistler, Andy, Chocobo & King Moogle Mog, Final Fantasy XIV

Best Literary: Allison Bennett, Annie Wilks, Misery

Best TV: Linda Lifchez, Shannon, Nancy, and Pete, Ghosts

Best Mashup: Carrie Giglio, Wednesday and Enid Mashup, Wednesday

Best Youth: Grace Enslin, The Puppet, Five Nights at Freddy’s

Staff Favorite: Lola Evans, Sina, Wednesday, Wednesday

Honorable Mention

Emily Stepp, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Tooth

Heather Hughs, Lydia, Beetlejuice

Fitrah Golden, Hijrah, Zoe, and Early, Moana

Donald Taylor, Jessica, Clara, and Jackie, Wednesday

Ali Robbins, Abby, Claire, and Johnny, King Knight, Shovel Knight, Specter Knight, Black Knight, Shovel Knight

Bella Dekal, Zodiac Sign Aries (original design)

Lily Wade, Tina Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

Kahaunani Hook, Axolotl

Griffon Akkumanno, Springtrap, Five Nights at Freddy’s

Ben Mcneill, Kaleb Vickers, Predator, Iconic, The Predator and Fortnite

Lola Evans, Khalid, Ogul, Fire Force

Michael Collier, Glitch Trap, Five Nights at Freddy’s

Lola Evans, Jackson, Miles Morales Akatsuki, Spiderverse/Naruto mashup

Maddux Harvin, Camera Man (original design)

Benjamin Lee, Storm Sworder, Zoids

Zev Leader, Dr. Flug, Villainous

Cara Thum, Kurapika, Hunter x Hunter


Author of the article

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