Kelly McCorkendale

Kelly McCorkendale is a dog-lover, avid quilter, and occasional creative writer who loves the color orange and boycotts cable (except Game of Thrones because, well, what if winter is coming!?). After college, she realized poets weren’t in demand, so she shipped off to Madagascar with Peace Corps. Since then, she’s found a niche working on health systems in Africa but has a long-list of life tasks yet to be fulfilled--such as perform blackmail, learn a trade, and become a competitive eater. She has an MA in International Education, believes rice is the elixir of life, and, in high school, won the best supporting actress honor for the state of Missouri. She may also recite poetry (her first love) when imbibing in alcohol.

Game of Thrones Castmembers Reflect on Complexity

Watching James Cosmo (Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch) and Natalia Tena (Osha, the Wilding) radiate warmth, humility, and humor on stage, it’s hard to believe Game of Thrones’ Westeros faces a harsh winter. During the “GoT: Winter is Coming” panel in the Atrium Ballroom (M), Sun 11:30AM, they described how, despite GoT’s often bloody, gut wrenching scenes,… Read more →