Richard Hatch on Reviving Galactica

Back for an encore visit to Dragon*Con is actor/writer Richard Hatch. Hatch, who played Captain Apollo on the late-’70s, sci-fi TV series Battlestar Galactica, will be moderating a panel this afternoon in rooms D and E of Hanover Hall. Entitled “Battlestar Galactica-The Revival: Updates,” Hatch will let fans in on the possibility of a new Galactica series, as well as other related projects.

“I read science fiction,” says Hatch, who has co-written two Battlestar Galactica novelswith Christopher Golden. “I’ve been a sci-fi lover since I was 12. I want to develop several sci-fi pieces I’ve read. I’m putting together a multi-media company to develop TV movies, films, TV shows, specials, games and CD ROM’s. We’re putting together a team to create really wonderful products that will be not only highly fun and highly theatrical, but will also have some emotional impact as well.”

With the possibility of the televised return of Galactica, Hatch says he wouldn’t be surprised if the show crossed-over with some of today’s popular science fiction programs. “Since so may [shows] cross over these days, it seems to be the way of it,” he says. “I mean, women are crossing over, men are crossing over; everyone’s sexually confused. So we might as well have a confused universe out there. In comic books, they’re crossing over and having characters show up in [another character’s] universe. Why not? I prefer not just because I think it violates the integrity of the universe. But for fun, if it’s done in a tongue and cheek way? Why not?”

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