Scully 101 (Forensics 101)

One of the X-Track’s biggest draws, Forensics 101, brings out all the voyeurs of the convention crowd to gather into the darkened room to huddle around a projector to satisfy their morbid curiosity. Dr. Kris Sperry, M.D., showed the audience many of his pictures from one of his previous presentations for Georgia law enforcement, filled with many gruesome photographs to burn into one’s mind.

Each image, complete with personal insight by Dr. Sperry, showed in intense and graphic detail the causes of death for those who had either committed suicide or from external means. Dr. Sperry’s dry and black sense of humor caused the audience to laugh through some of the most shocking of the pictures. In fact, this was the first Forensics panel at Dragon*Con to have someone who fainted at one of the images. Nervous laughter and cold sweat was the biggest response from the audience, besides the rather well-informed questions that Dr. Sperry answered without a problem.

Forensics 101 is DEFINITELY not for the weak at heart or stomach.

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