The Man with the Golden Wit

Early to a panel equates to a great view of the performer, unless you attend any Anthony Daniels’ panel, including his 2:30 panel “Anthony Daniels: The Man In the Golden Suit”.  This sprite constantly dances around the room, no matter how big or small.  Mr. Daniels encourages the randomness of interviewing audience members from their very own seat, dragging the less enthusiastic on stage and entertaining the latecomers by dropping the spotlight squarely on them.  It was no surprise after Anthony Daniels, known for his performance as C3PO (Threepio) in Star Wars, humbly introduced himself and promptly grabbed John.  John, an audience member, just happened to shout out a comment that drew Anthony to him and promptly ended with John onstage encouraging the audience to worship ‘Threepio’ like a deity in an Ewok village.  After a few more embarrassed audience members were dragged on stage and an all out repeat performance of C3PO entering the Ewok village performed, Anthony opened the floor to audience questions.

It is imagined that most of these people had seen Mr. Daniels panel several times in the past.  But, they keep coming back for more.  The reason?  I don’t think you will ever find a more accepting, witty, charming and crazy personality in the world.  Anthony, with a blink of the eye can assume a variety of personas, especially Threepio, and beguiles the audience with various comments and phrases.  He retells familiar stories (“R2D2 strikes backside”) and introduces new stories in a way that a person would be willing to litsten to a thousand times and still feel like it is the first time ever hearing the story.  Even on the brink of an Episode II spoiler, he manages to keep the audience leaning forward in expectation as he quickly changes topic.

I also suspect that the devilish twinkle in Mr. Daniels’ eyes will always help provide the fans with a reason to come back.

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